Seeing what you're aiming at?

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    So here's the deal......My eyes are not the best. I'm only 40 or so, this is partly a medical condition. I have been trying to shoot 22 mag at slightly longer distances, (for me anyway), and anything past 150', and all bets are off for seeing a bulls eye. I have been using Birchwood Casey RIGID Crosshair Target 1" Grid Pattern targets, and a Simmons 3-9 X 32 scope.

    Now, under the circumstances, the results I'm getting are not bad, (for me anyway). 5 shots at 2"-, at 200 feet. I feel this rifle is capable of much more than this.

    Is there anything I'm missing, a technique, or scope, or target to improve this? Or is not seeing the target - meaning that I cannot discern the black dot in the middle thru the scope, or the grid pattern, but I can see the paper, you know, just not clearly - normal?
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    I would recommend different targets first, as that will be cheaper.

    Have you ever shot a fine duplex target style scope? They make a world of difference when trying to create one ragged hole in paper. They suck for just about anything else...LOL

    One thing you might want to try is just going to the store and looking through a couple of higher end scopes and see if the extra light transmission helps with your vision.

    Simmons isn't a bad scope, but there is a difference between them and say a Leupold and that extra bit might make a difference for you in your groups.

    For a .22mag 200 feet is a layup, so you should definitely see an improvement with some practice and perhaps a bit better gear.

    Good luck.

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    A quick remedy of clarity of vision would be a visit to Dr. String1946's eye-chart found in Tail Trail forum. ;)
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    You need more magnification. I've got a cheap 4x16x40 Tasco worldclass on my .22 mag and it works pretty well (that used to be a good scope many years ago). A higher end 4x16 or something close would be even better but I couldn't see putting much into a scope for a .22 even if it is a mag. Just my opinion but you're better with high magnification even on a cheap scope than low magnification on a good scope if you're trying to shoot over 100 yards.:)
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    Thanks for the responses. I will check out some other higher end/more magnification scopes. After checking out some different targets.