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  1. LandMonster

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    I bought a Henry lever .22 and a bsa 3-7 rimfire scope with a .75" tube to make it look more authentic. I am considering see through bases so I can still use the irons. I am worried that they will put scope up too high. Are they worth it or are they junk?
  2. Gh0zt36

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    I just got my UTG picatinny rail for my 10/22 and i was quite impressed with it . All the holes were drilled correctly and the channel is deep enough to where I cant still use my iron sights. I dunno if they make one for a henry but worth checking out ... I think it was like 8 bucks


    HOSSFLY New Member

    I like them (no, not junk) on certain rifles- LOVE them on slug guns :cool:
  4. big shrek

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    I've got see-thru's on a couple rifles, they are VERY handy, especially if you have them set to different ranges...
    currently have a .22WMR rifle set to 50 with the Irons...which means 0-90 yards its pretty much dead on the dot,
    give or take an inch up or down...either way, dead bunnies abound!!
    and the scope is set for my favorite Coyote KZ at the farm, which is a nice open zone 100-160 yards from the barn...
    so its set for 125 yards...give or take an inch hold-up/down for either extreme end of the zone...

    On a different .22lr rifle, a 4x scope sits above a Target Adjustable Rear Sight...
    Sights are set for 25 yards, screw-adjust to 50 or Kentucky hold-over it...
    Scope set for 75 yards for demon squirrels...and those accursed Devil Bunnies!!

    Of course, the BEST sight for a lever-action is ALWAYS a Tang Peep with the tiniest hole you can get!!
  5. LandMonster

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    Thanks for the input. I think I will pick up a pair. I have only been able to find one make for a dovetailed receiver and a 3/4" tube. Seems all the scopes are either 1" or 30mm these days.