Second handgun?

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by DoctorSig, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. DoctorSig

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    I'm a new gun owner (Sig P229 .40cal) and I'm somewhat surprised by how much I enjoy shooting it. The main purpose for the FA is home protection and the range. I live in NJ so CCW is out of the question.
    I'm thinking about getting a second handgun, and I'm looking for suggestions.

    I though about a .22cal, .45cal., 9mm or
    The .22 is cheap to buy and own, but I kinda like the recoil and feel I'm shooting a real gun - so that is looking unlikely now.
    The .45 ammo is expensive and difficult to get so that's out.

    For a 9mm, I'm thinking about the Glock 19 or another sig (P226). Any other suggestions?

    Question number 2: Would it be simpler/better to just get another .40 cal, just to keep it consistent?

  2. jimbobpissypants

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    22s are very inexpensive to shoot. If you are like most of us this is a big issue the last 2 years. You may want to consider a 22 conversion for your 229. Lets you shoot the same gun (trigger) with the cheaper ammo.
    As far as a 9mm goes, I am really liking the feel of the cz 75. It just feels good in my hand. I have heard nothing but goood reports about them on this and other sites.
    Good luck.

  3. DrumJunkie

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    For going out and poking holes in paper etc there is not much better than a 22. I'm not a fan of the 22 conversions but that's just me. It seems for the money you can just have a pretty nice 22 and not have to worry about taking things apart except to clean them. Plus heaven forbid you don't set it back up in the bigger caliber(for whatever reason) and you actually need the weapon for something. It's hard to deny the expense of ammo vs the fun if plinking with a decent 22 for me anyway.

    But it comes down to what you want to shoot. Some people really don't get into 22's all that much. You shoot a 40, I have a 229 too and going from that to a 45 is an easy jump to make. The felt recoil of a 45 (at least for me) is not as snappy with a 45 and in my opinion easier to manage. A 9mm are pretty fun range guns too. The ammo is a little cheaper than a 40 and you can shoot a little more. The CZ's are pretty nice. there is a 357 Sig barrel for your 229 and you can use the same mags for either. Just tossing that out there.
  4. Mr. Bluesky

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    22's are cheap, accurate, and fun to plink with. A conversion kit is a solid idea, but I have a Ruger Mk III and I absolutely love it. Except when I have to take it apart.
  5. Rentacop

    Rentacop Well-Known Member

    DoctorSig :
    The Glock 19 is great to have in a gunfight ( for reasons mentioned on other threads ) but I'm not sure you will like it as a target gun. The ergonomics and trigger aren't up to the standards of the Browning HP, etc.

    If you buy another Sig, at least you'll be used to its feel and operation...

    I've heard good things about the Smith .22s and I know the Rugers to be good. If you buy a Ruger, buy a Thumb Saver at the same time.
  6. Mr. Bluesky

    Mr. Bluesky New Member

    The Smith Model 22 is only so-so. I'd go with a Buckmark or Ruger any day. The Smith Model 41, on the other hand, is the sweetest little .22 in existence. It also costs 3 times as much.
  7. JonM

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    i have two dedicated .22's in pistol form. one is a manhurin walther .22 and theother is a sig mosquito. the mosquito is fun to shoot but the the trigger isnt so hot. the rest of my .22 pistols are conversion kits for my sig P220 and 1911. kimber kits dont work with all 1911's due to the crappy sight cuts kimber uses since they insist on using novak cuts on all their slides the sight overhangs the firing pin block and blocks mil spec hammers from working with the kit. the sig conversion works like a charm. at some point i am going to sell that kimber kit at a gunshow and buy a marvel or ceiner.

    one of the huge benefits of a conversion is that it is NOT a firearm and can be shipped to your door without any special permits.
  8. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    If you don't reload it's hard to beat a 22.
    I have a Ruger 22/45. Great gun. But a little tricky to disasemble and reasemble. That is the only complaint I have about that gun. I used to be terrible about cleaning. (NOT ANYMORE) There were times when I must have put a couple thousand rounds though it without cleaning. Really reliable.

    The only problem with a 22 is ammo shortages. It is getting better here now. But I went 6 months without seeing a single box anywhere. Check your local stores for stock before buying. The price has gone up. But even at $20 for 500, you can't buy anything else for that.
  9. Biohazurd

    Biohazurd New Member

    If CCW is out of the question why not go with a Glock 17, or other full size 9mm. No reason to have a smaller gun that is harder to shoot unless you gotta conceal the thing. I dont have a problem carrying a Colt 1991 gov't or my commander every day....
  10. Glasshartt

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    If you alredy have a Sig, you may want to think about staying with Sig. That way if the S*** hits the fan, you don't have to stop and think about which weapon you have, just let your muscle memory take over.
  11. gadrooning

    gadrooning New Member

    .22 gun is a must. All gun owners must have at least one. I would difinately suggest a Ruger, any of the Mark series. Curious though you say the .45 is out because of price. 45ACP rounds are no more expensive or harder to find that a 9mm or a .40 cal. Are you sure you weren't looking at the .45 colt. That is a whole different round and yes that is an expensive round. You should be able to find a box of 50 .45 ACP's anywheres from 18 to 25 dollars. Also if you like the .40 cal, you'll really like the .45ACP. The 40 has more kick or muzzle flip or snap, what ever you want to call it, but the .45 ACP has the same kick, but more of like a push rather than a snap. I personally enjoy and shoot the 45 ACP over my Beretta Px4 40 cal. I suggest a good 1911.:)
  12. Force4000

    Force4000 New Member

    I bought a Walther P22 after buying my .40 and I would say it was well worth it. Ammunition is so easy to come by and cheap.
  13. red ryder

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    I have a 229 .40S&W as well as P22 and its a great little gun. fun to shoot..not something i would consider Home Defense though.

    I vote you get a revolver. a nice .357 would allow you to shoot .38sp and they are a blast to shoot at the range.