Seattle/Tacoma Craiglist "Maintanence" Thief - BEWARE!!

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    This is an add posted by a thief and a coward. :mad:

    Here is a link to his actual add on Craigslist in our area.

    Originally we had contacted him to do some yardwork and improve our badly dog damaged grass. Did some initial checking with Craigslist and the one reference we could get, nothing to worry about. His timeliness was spotty, but when he was there he did decent work and he was working on the yard, so it wasn't a big deal.

    As the end of summer rolled around he had been working for us every other week for about 2.5 months & he came to me asking if we had any other work that he might be able to do as he has a family with a little one and he was hustling to make ends meet.

    Andrea and I talked about it and two things that we needed to have done was pressure wash the house/clean out the gutters before winter and have a new 10" x 6" section of fence and a dual swinging gate built. Both had been on the "to do" list, but I never got around to them this summer.

    We talked to Jeff about the specifics and he said he was completely capable. The pressure washing would not be a problem, but he would need a deposit for the materials for the fence. Okay, fair enough.

    He came over on the first day and dropped off his teenage son to begin pressure washing the lower story of our house. Not a big deal, the kid did good work but if I was worried about the lower half before winter hit, I could have done that myself. The kid finishes what he can reach and they make arrangements to come back in a day or two to finish.

    That turned into a week, but as I said his timeliness was spotty as he does all sorts of odd jobs, so it was not a big deal. My deadline was I wanted the gutters clean and house washed before it got to heavy rain and freezing temps again.

    They proceeded to pressure wash about 1/3rd of the upper half of the house and then it got dark. I didn't want the liability so we agreed they would come back on that weekend, a couple of days later and finish the house and start the fence.

    This was about the 26th of Sept.

    As it was coming up on the end of the month, Jeff really wanted to know if I could pay him for the full pressure wash and front him some of the fence money to help cover rent and he would get materials to start the fence.

    At that time I paid him $150 for the pressure washing and I gave him $500 for materials for the fence. This money was photographed and my gal has video on her phone of me handing the cash over.

    Since then the only contact has been text messages with every excuse as to why he can't come over on certain days and times. "I'm sick as a dog". "Family caught what I caught and now they are sick so I have been taking care of them" "The baby got really sick and I had to take him to the emergency room and forgot to call".

    Finally fed up I have decided to take this to the authorities and seek proper restitution. I will update the outcome, or the happenings as this goes along so this coward does not get work from anyone who is searching for information on him.

    Again his name is Jeff and his phone number is 253-266-7750


    More to follow.

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    Try to give him a bad rep on angieslist so more people can get a heads up. He was probably some tweeker and needed a fix. I'm originally from new England and moved here bout 5 years ago and this kind of thing seems to be a trend