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    Seat Belts.........? It's good practice for Marriage..(CONFINEMENT)..!:D

    Do wear them..!

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    They skipped the part where he couldn't get out of the burning vehicle because the seatbelt was locked up. Lol
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    Ever see a dozen car pile-up at 200 mph & everyone come out not dead, it`s because of safety cages & seat belts..........Use Them................
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    Maybe for you guys.... Even if I wear my seat belt Im still getting a face full of jagged steel dash... :(

    IH interiors are all steel.... About the only padded thing is the seat...
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    Use them. any LEO can tell you horror stories all day long about dummies that didn't.

    It should be my decision to make, and the damned government has no right to force them on me.
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    I agree with you, unless there are minors in the vehicle, even as drivers . At the ripe age of 18, it should be up to the individual to do as they please.
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    It's the LAW.........! :eek:
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    Yeah I agree but if you don't wear one though your insurance just won't cover it is all. Minors should have to wear it but once your 18 it should be a choice.
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    My wife is alive today because she wore her seat belt. My brand new Chevrolet Silverado 1500 was hit by a Ford Crown Victoria police cruiser after the officer ran a red light at about twice the speed limit on the street. Neither one saw the other until a split second before the impact (blind intersection, high rate of speed of the police cruiser, dark night, and my truck was black). The combination of the airbags and seat belts permitted both my wife and the officer who hit her to WALK away from the accident. The officer was unable to get my wife out of the truck after he exited his vehicle, but the fire department cut my wife out of the vehicle. The seat belt released without incident, but the doors could not be opened. Both parties had cuts and bruises from the seat belts and airbags, but no broken bones, massive internal injuries, or head injuries.

    I would have expected her to be hit by a drunk driver, speeder, or someone using a cell phone in their car, but never a law enforcement officer. The incident just goes to show you that you never know when or where an accident will happen or under what circumstances it is likely to occur.

    I have pictures of the truck if anyone wants to see them. My wife still has the scars on her neck and arms from the seat belt and airbags. It's a little reminder that no matter how careful you are, bad things can still happen.
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    I do not doubt the effectiveness of seat belts I wear them everyone in my family wears them my mom is alive because of them. No matter what we will wear them. That being said if you are a legal adult you should be able to do what you want as long as it doesn't effect anyone else's rights it is not the governments place to legislate common sense or personal safety.
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    I’ve been in two rollovers.

    The first was due to overcorrection on a sloppy curvy road. The front drive wheels suddenly grabbed a dry spot on the road, pulled me into the snow bank on the roadside, and the car slowly rolled over.

    In the second, I hit an oil slick on curve, the car spun around one and a half times, and went backwards off the road. A rear wheel hit a tree root and it rolled the car.

    Both times I was left hanging upside down from the belts. The cars were totaled.

    From the first I had a stiff neck for a few days and an abrasion on the palm of my L hand acquired from the road surface when I crawled out of the car. In the second I received, nothing, zip, nada.

    If seat belts were any were good, how come I got the stiff neck?
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    Give me a break. That lame azz excuse is SOO old. Never mind the fact that if you slam face first into the steering wheel unrestrained, you likely will not have the wherewithall to climb out of the burning car anyway. I guess if you would rather burn up while unconsious, fine. I have been in some pretty hairy wrecks and NEVER had a seat belt fail to unbuckle. I have NEVER seen a setbelt on anyone else's car get stuck. So you are willing to roll the dice with a million to one odds? You are a more daring gambler than I.
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    I agree. Some people "what if" the most off the wall situations. Not just in this thread but in many threads of self defense, etc.
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    I think he was joking.
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    Seatbelts have probably killed a few thousand people since their invention. But, they've saved easily hundreds of times more people than they've killed.

    I would like to look up the stats to get exact numbers, but it goes something like this...

    Without a seatbelt, your most likely to be killed.
    With a seatbelt, you're less likely to be killed.
    With a belt and bags, you have the highest chances of survival, even though bags have killed people due to malfunction too.
    Seatbelt and bag malfunctions are the LEAST likely thing to kill you in a crash.

    Wanna take your chances without, or take your chances with?

    I'll take my chances with, thank you very much. They're way more likely to save your life than to take it, but if they're not used, your way, WAY more likely to die arbitrarily.

    Should any there be any law on it? Hell no. Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and free trade (because insurance companies will be involved somehow)
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    I believe from what I have seen, that the odds are in favor of those who wear their seat belts. I have seen deaths as a result of wearing them and deaths due to not wearing them. I had one of my best friends who did not wear them was thrown out of the window of his car and the car landed on him upside down in a ditch. He died from suffocation with no internal injuries or broken bones. So there are views both ways! However if gambling, I will go with wearing them and also with the new air bags your odds are much better. I sometimes think that when the Big Man calls your number, it is your time regardless of whatever you do! Or maybe we make an unknown choice not realizing it is our time? ;)

  19. kytowboater

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    I wear mine after a nice interaction with a Kentucky state trooper.
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    Back in '89 l hit a ditch in my S-10, no air bag and I wasn't wearing a seatbelt. Many chest hit the steering wheel and broke it and my knee hit the dash board and dislocated my hip. The hip was my only injury and some have said, " If you would of been wearing your seat belt you hip wouldn't of been hurt." I always give the same response, "Yeah maybe so, but without would of happened when my head snapped back and drove the the back of my skull thru the back glad?" Truck didn't have a head test either. I believe if you want to wear your seat belt then good for you, but I don't wear mince and that shouldn't be anyone's business but mine.