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  1. lukeisme

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    I was given a sears auto loading 12 ga shotgun. Its an autoloader that is the reason it is posted here. What the problem is that it will not cycle a a new round into the chamber. I have flushed what I believe to be he gas ports. They seem to be clear. One thing I noticed was that it is stamped 3" or 2 3/4" magum only. I have been using standard 2 3/4" field rounds. What I was wondering is could that be what it causing the FTF? I do not know much about shotguns so any info would help.
  2. c3shooter

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    Ammo is too light to fully cycle the action. Try a couple of rounds of 3" magnums, see if they cycle.

  3. BillM

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    What is the Sears model number? Some of the gas operated shotguns are
    adjustable for different power level ammunition. Some have o-rings that
    can wear and cause short cycling.

    Exactly what does it do? The bolt doesn't move at all? It moves, but not
    far enough to eject the empty? It ejects the empty but doesn't load
    a new round?

    Agreed--try it with some magnum shotshells--but it should be possible
    to make it work with standard field loads.
  4. willshoum

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    Sears Magnum only Auto loader

    If it's stamped magnum only, why are you shooting Field Load. You'll need to bring the gun to a gunsmith and have it modified to shoot lighter loads. But then you might not be able to shoot magnums.
  5. lukeisme

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    It is a sears 66m 12ga 583.607. Even with 3"magnum turkey loads it will not cycle the bolt. I have tracked down a manual for a JC Higgens model 60 and it shows no o-rings. While I know it is not the correct manual it seems to be close. I think I might try and break it down to check the gas vents and see if one or two of the 3 might be plugged and I am not seeing it. To be honest I am not sure how to do that. I guess I will just fumble and figure it out. Thanx again guys for all the input!!!