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I grew up shooting a J.C. Higgins Sears and Roebuck .22 bolt action tube feed. I also had some other .22 rifles like a Rem. 552, but the Sears was always the best shooter. I got that old .22 from my dad who's past away. Always kicked myself for selling it.

I've been gunless for a few years now. Had a few bucks so i stopped in this little gun store/pawn shop. Just wanting to p/u another little .22 to play around with. Nothing is really clicking as he hands me rifles, then he hands me this S&R 43. I was in love immediately. Brought back so many memories and from my experience they are a very good shooting .22 cal. This is not a J.C. Higgins like my original was.

So here it is anyways, nothing special compared to what a lot of folks have but they hold a special place with me for some reason. I love being able to fire S,L, and LR. This rifle is very tight and cycles extremely well, I don't think it was shot very much in it's life.

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