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Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Overkill0084, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Overkill0084

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    The bug is biting again and I'm looking to fill in a hole in the collection. I have a number of other calibers (.380, .38/.357, 40 S&W, & .45acp). I went out looking at 9mms yesterday and I'm more up in the air than when I started. A few guidelines I have come up with:
    1. Hammer. I want a traditional hammer. I have one striker fired gun. While I like it, I still prefer having a hammer.
    2. Full size. I'm happy with what I have for carry guns at this time. I want it for a range gun with possible nightstand application.
    3. Metal Frame preferred, but not absolutely mandatory. If presented with a Polymer frame that will work for me I will not rule it out.
    4. Accurate. I want some thing that would be suitable for a service pistol match and other paper/steel use. Adjustable sights preferred.
    5. Under $1000 US OTD. That's my absolute "no freakin way" ceiling. I have been looking in the $600 to $800 range and would prefer to stay there, if realistic.

    All that being said, I have been looking very hard at SIGs. But I haven't eliminated HK, FN. There weren't any S&Ws on hand. While sort of odd, CZ was intriguing, sort of like the SAAB of the handgun world. Also, the Taurus 92 somethingish looked pretty decent for the money, anyone with experience with these things? Chime in.
    (PLEASE, PLEASE no Taurus bashing! Just the facts or your experiences. I don't want to be responsible for a Taurus bashing thread)

    I'm looking for some insights and/or ideas. Anything I should consider & haven't?
  2. NGIB

    NGIB New Member

    For a full-size, external hammer, metal frame, extremely accurate and reliable 9mm - it's hard to not think about the Sig P226...


  3. GoBlue

    GoBlue New Member

    I would also 2nd the Sig.

    Gotta wonder where the hammer preference comes in though. If it is because it serves as a physical/visual indicator that the gun is cocked I would say go with an XD or XDm as these striker guns have the Striker Status Indicator to let you know that the gun is fully Condition 1 and ready to go.

    I use it a lot myself as I set my XD-9 on the nightstand after unloading it, placing the round back in the magazine and putting the mag back in the gun in Condition 3. The reason for this is that I have kids and don't want the gun to be ready to fire if I'm sleeping deep and the kids come into the room in the morning.

    When I get up I always put the gun in my holster on my belt but sometimes I'm tired and forgot whether I chambered a round or not. When I get to this point the Striker Status Indicator tells me what's what.
  4. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    I like the Sig 226 as well. However there is always a need for a good Browning Hi Power.

    FN was making a model that I believe was in your price for awhile. I think they still are called the MK III.

    Browning is also offering several models at right around $1000 MSRP, less I am sure if you shop around.

    As for either of these models versus a 92 copy it's not a fair comparison. There is nothing wrong with the 92 design, but it's not in the same league as the Sig and the Browning.

  5. mcramer

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    Sigs is an excellent guns, but they are also up there in price. I've been seeing these around lately.

    My dad has one very similar to this in .45 and its been a really good, trouble free firearm. It has a hammer, ambi de-cock, it's single/double action, and has a nice trigger break in single action. Its also fairly cheep, a lot less than your $1000 ceiling. Just my $.02.

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  6. orangello

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    Well, I have a cz75b that i like a lot, but i also enjoy using my buddies' XD9 and ruger Psomethingorother. My cz was lightly used and a decent deal, to me, at 400; i really enjoy shooting that pistol and have had no problems with it whatsoever. It seems as accurate as my abilities allow. My buddy's XD9 cost a bit more than the cz (was NIB) and shoots about as well for me personally; i do think the cz has a better trigger, especially with the hammer back. The Ruger was less than 300 (from memory), used very good condition, and shoots very well, probably about as good as the other two at my skill level. The Ruger's handle/body feel a bit "cheaper" than the other two to me, but Ruger has a good rep for quality so YMMV.

    I recommend some time at the range with some rented or borrowed pistols to decide.
  7. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    Browning Hi-Power, nuff said!



    Between your luck and my stacked odds, I'll take my stacked odds...15+1 double stacked actually.

    Need more? Read Gorknoids quote in my siggy below. VV
  8. Overkill0084

    Overkill0084 Active Member

    I have an XD40 Sub. It's a great gun.
    I grew up in a revolver world, so I like the SA/DA theory of operation. Just a preference, not a neurosis ;)
    If I were to quit worrying about the hammer, I would likely get the XDm, it's got a pretty nice trigger.
  9. General_lee

    General_lee New Member

    There are several good choices, most have already been mentioned.

    Browning Hi-Power,
    Beretta 92
  10. Missileman

    Missileman New Member

    SIGs are great and I loved them, but pick up an H&K USP and see how it feels. I think it has the very best decocker/safety (V1) in the business, and nothing is more reliable or made better, in my opinion. The other one would be the P30--doesn't have the same safety/decocker, but a great handgun in itself and a little smaller grip than the USP. My USP 9C is the most reliable and accurate handgun of the many 9mms I own.
  11. BLS33

    BLS33 New Member Supporter

    If I were you I would strongly consider the CZ 75b. For under $600 (NIB) you can get it in almost whatever finish you want, stainless steel will bring you up to the $600 range (limited edition SS will be substantially higer), but you can find them as low as <$400 in a black polycoat. With the money you save think of all the ammo you can stock up on. :D

    Within the next month or so I plan on picking one up in matte stainless steel, and I'll put some wood grips on it like this bad boy:
  12. Quentin

    Quentin New Member

    I have four 9mms and the Hi-Power is by far the best. I also like it better than the approximately 10 other 9mms I've fired over the years though to be fair I've never fired a SIG P226 or CZ 75. Would love to try them out...

    Good advice from orangello to get out there, rent and borrow guns to try out.
  13. beaglesam

    beaglesam Active Member

    I love my M9 A1.
  14. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    I also own a Ruger P95. For your budget you could buy three of them. Some people look down on Ruger because they are not expensive. But they make very good guns for the price.

    I would buy a Ruger before a Taurus any day.
  15. gatopardo

    gatopardo New Member

    Best 9mm

    Best 9mm I ever shot was a CZ, it wasn't mine, right on target after every shot. Amazing, maybe this Christmas:)
  16. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    Browning Hi Power

    CZ 75b

    Sig P226
  17. sweeper22

    sweeper22 New Member

    Quoted for truth. I was just about to list (in order)...

    1) CZ 75b
    2) Browning Hi-Power
    3) Sig P226

    My favorite is the CZ 75. It's just a platform I have a personal soft spot for. Both that and the Hi-Power have a classic style that can be dressed up with a nice set of grips to give them a really nice 1911 look. I can't say a bad word about the BHP, I just find the CZ to be a little better value at about $200 less.

    I have a 75b (9mm) and a P226 (357sig). The Sig sometimes joins me at the range, the CZ always goes. But if you want it as a nightstand gun or something, the Sig has a rail for a tac light...which is the role my Sig currently holds. You can find CZ 75's in different finishes from about $450-750.

    And if it is to be a nightstand Sig, I recommend this laser/light at a great price.
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  18. FCross7

    FCross7 New Member

    My vote would be for a CZ SP-01. Based on the 75b, but has a rail and a larger magazine capacity (18+1).


    Comes standard with night sights, is SA/DA, with thumb safety, but there is also a decocker version if that's your thing.

    I got mine for $650, but have seen them go for cheaper. It is by far my favorite pistol of all the ones I've shot. Thought to be fair I haven't shot a BHP or a Sig of any flavor.

    The recoil is almost non-existent making follow-up shots easier than they should be, and the thing is much more accurate than I probably ever will be. My one gripe with it is that the mags don't drop free, but that can be fixed with a $10 part and about 5 minutes to put it in.

    If you get one, I guarantee you that you won't regret it.

  19. notamoocher

    notamoocher New Member

    My9mm,s are the XD(no hammer), and the Stoeger Cougar. For the price the Cougar is a great gun. I love the decocker, the sights are better than most and the trigger isn't bad. But, I would love a browning Hi-Power.
  20. Drrhein

    Drrhein New Member

    I love my Sig P226 in 9mm and my 1911 Springer in 45 ACP. If I had one beef with the Sig it's that when I open carry in a Blackhawk holster (Serpa) I've had my jacket cock the gun on several occasions (snags the hammer and drags it back). Without an external safety it's a bit disconcerting. I just got a Serpa for the Springer and like it cocked and locked and don't worry about the jacket. The Sig is still the most reliable pistol I've ever had and has never failed in any way. It's rated a class A gun approved for +P ammo and as I recall (ok guys, help with this list) at the top of the list. My top 5 9mm class A list for use with +p ammo. (If you can't put +p in it, a 9mm ain't enough by itself) Not in order.

    Sig P226
    Browning Hi-Power
    Glock 17
    Beretta 92FS

    Of course, there may be some disagreement about this:D