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  1. Yunus

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    I'm wondering if anyone knows the syntax or format of advanced searching on this board, if we have it on here. I was trying to search for a phrase but was having trouble.
    Lets say I wanted to find the phrase
    I'm not interested in results that contain only 1 of those words, I only want results that contain that exact phrase
    in google I would type
    were I trying to find any page that contains either ballistic or gel I would not use the quotes, the quotes return only that exact phrase. There are many other advanced search commands that work on google and some other message boards. I'm wondering if this board has any of those or if there is a guide somewhere on it?
  2. Highpower

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    I don't think Boolean logic will work with the forums search function. Even using the quotation marks in your example returns hits on a single word (ballistic).

    Interestingly enough - if you click on the FAQ link, you get an available drop down box "Matching options:" for searching the FAQ only - where you can......
    Match Any Words
    Match All Words
    Match Complete Phrase

    I don't have a clue as to if this is an available option for the general forums or not. I will say it would be a welcome addition though, IMO. :cool:
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  3. Shooter

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    Boolean should work. I have the setting enabled for it.