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    So I have been to the range twice. This is definitely a awesome sport. I want to take some classes to get better. I never shot more then a bb gun or paintball gun growing up. But I'd always go to gun shows with my dad which is probably why i like the polymer guns so much they always looked cool at the shows..I'm 26 shot and bought my first gun within 2 weeks lol. Now I'm hooked.

    After searching this forum and asking on here for advice and looking at other reviews online I was still confused lol. So I went to cabellas and got to hold several different models. Loved the M&P the second I held it. On the plus side it also breaks down for cleaning extremely easy. Also I love the 9mm round. It feels right for me.

    My only complaint is the trigger pull which I think is making me less accurate. And I need glasses as I can't see far.

    Here she is.

    Here are the targets I shot. First Mag at 20 foot second at 25 third at 50

    So here is my dads .45 kimber I shot at 25. Fun Accurate but to much kick to shoot as much as I'd like too

    Also got my GF out with me this week too which was a lot of fun.
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    Not trying to sound like a smart ***, but you only need to see as far as the front sight. Let me explain. When you are shooting your focus should be on the front sight. It should appear to be sharp and well defined. The target and rear sight should be a little blurry. There is a picture on This Page that will give you an idea of what a proper sight picture should look like. You can also see a drawing of proper sight alignment.

    Congratulations on your first handgun. You chose well.
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    Get yourself an apex trigger kit and you'll have yourself a fantastic gun. The duty/carry kit should be perfect for you.

    better judged by twelve than carried by six.
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    I think you mean " magazine" Not "clip". ImageUploadedByFirearms Talk1388302812.043644.jpg
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    Lol I have corrected my self.

    And by wanting to see the target I ment it would be nice to see of I actually hit the target before bringing the target all the way back to me.

    I have read about the apex kit. I want to get a few more rounds through my gun before I change the trigger parts out. Is the apex kit something that you can install yourself.
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    you can install it but I would not do it as you are very new to firearms by the sound of your original post.

    I have a few striker fired weapons and they were "different" for me as I was used to safeties on long guns and revolvers fired double action have a longer, heavier pull.

    I agree in your statement about putting more rounds downrange before installing trigger the looks of your targets, you are doing just fine right now and with practice, you will shoot better. There are so many good tutorials and good experienced folks here to bounce ideas off....focus on front site, proper grip, and squeeze until you are surprised by the weapon firing. Also dry fire is a way to get much practice in with a striker fired weapon...some will recommend not doing that but I am not one of them