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    First Aid in a Tactical Environment

    Date - June 19th, 2010 / 0800 to 1600
    Instructor - John Hotchkiss / J. Paletta / A. Moe
    Location - 7000 Alameda Dr. Rancho Murieta, Ca 95683(Rancho Murieta Country Club) / Sacramento Valley Shooting Center

    We Will meet at the Country Club at 0800 HRS until 1200 HRS when we will break for lunch and meet back at the Range (Sacramento Valley Shooting Center)

    The goal of this program is to help prepare you as an emergency responder for rendering care in a high threat environment. Much of what we have learned in the past in civilian emergency medical care has dealt with treating the single patient, and under normal conditions encountered in the pre-hospital realm. The issues you must address, and in fact the way you view the entire scene, are substantially different when the possibility is strong that someone may be viewing you through the sights of their rifle.


    Trauma Overview

    Kinetic Energy of Trauma

    Penetrating Trauma

    Blast Injuries

    Environmental Emergencies

    Mass Casualty Incidents

    Basics of Trauma Care

    Assessment of life threatening injuries

    Rapid Treatment of Airway, Breathing and Bleeding

    Concepts and presentation of shock

    Rapid transport and definitive care

    Care in the Tactical Environment

    Cover and Concealment

    Wounded Warrior Extraction

    Armor, Limitations, Uses, How it can hide an injury

    Use of Lights

    Limited Equipment that can make a difference

    Self Care – For when you’re the victim

    Wilderness type medicine for when you just can’t leave


    Good Attitude

    A/R 15 with sling


    Handgun with strong side holster

    150 Rounds

    two magazines


    cargo pants

    Eye and Ear Protection

    Please bring attire suitable for rain or shine as weather does not dictate the fight nor should it effect your training!

    All students will be recieving their own pesonal tactical medic pouch with everything you would need in a real world incident.

    Do to the pouch and medical contents, the course must be paid for one month prior in order to allow purchase and shipping of medical supplies. (you will not be using your medic kit in the class).

    Price: $150.00 (No IFAK)

    Price: $200.00