SCT / Street Survival Course / Northern California

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    Street Survival Course

    Date - May 22nd / 0830 to 1600

    Instructor - P. Deasy

    Location - Sacramento valley Shooting Center


    Provides you with the tactical real world techniques necessary to safely encounter life threatening altercations under various field conditions. Students will receive instruction and demonstrate concealed weapon utilization,unusual shooting positions, shooting from a vehicle, accidental shooting avoidance, low light considerations, basic home defense procedures, along with basic shotgun and rifle manipulation.


    Students are required to wear suitable range clothing during this course. Students must also provide One handgun with concealable holster and 500 rounds. Students must also provide their own concealable hand gun, strong side belt holster, three magazines, flashlight as well as a shotgun and/or long gun with 200 rounds.

    Eyes / Ears

    Hat / Sunscreen

    Concealable handgun / Strong side belt slide holster (500 Rounds)

    Shotgun and/or rifle (200 Rounds)

    Please bring attire suitable for rain or shine as weather does not dictate the fight nor should it effect your training!

    Bring your lunch we will be eating on the range!

    Price: $150.00