SCT / Carbine Course III / Northern California

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    Carbine Course III (Advanced)

    Date : July 10th and 11th, 2010 0830 HRS to 1630 HRS

    Instructors: J. Paletta, A. Moe, G. Gray

    Location: Sacramento Valley Shooting Center

    This is an ADVANCED Course which will cover overview of emergency and tactical reloads as well as primary to secondary transitions, locating and moving to cover, team communication / shooting with a team member, moving and shooting, multiple target engagement, SBU, vehicle dismounts, room clearing, threat and non-threat engagement, identifying and announcing threats and identifying / clearing malfunctions.
    Please make sure your rifle is zeroed as this will be a very fast paced course and will not allow time for zeroing.

    Please familiarize yourself with our MISSION STATEMENT so you will know what to expect from the instructor and what we expect from the student.

    All payments due Five days prior to course. There will be a fifty percent cancellation fee, unless prior arrangements have been made with Stone Cobra Tactical staff.


    Good attitude/Mentally prepared, AR-15 series rifle / carbine (To be inspected by Instructor), Eye/Ear protection, 1500 rounds rifle / 400 rounds handgun, Handgun with strong side holster, Minimum 3 rifle magazines, Pants with cargo pockets (Recommended), Knee/elbow pads (Highly Recommended), Tactical Gloves, Hat / Sunscreen, Water / Hydrate! Hydrate!

    Weather does not dictate the fight, nor should it affect your training!

    Bring your lunch; we will be eating on the range!

    Price: $320.00 (Includes Range Fee's for both days)