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    Okay, so, I'm a plant manager for a Fortune 500 company, but I'll be honest. I don't know a great deal about much. I like black and white clear cut stuff. This one has me quite lost.

    Looking today; the S&P 500 and Dow Jones are absolutely at the top of their game. Higher than ever before. But there are still tons of people out of work. Outside of the Martin & Zimmerman show, the economy is still high on the government's todo list.

    Someone current my equation here.....

    Company's $$$$ is way up = sales are WAY UP/costs just got stupid low - still high unemployment by a huge chunk of the people making what's being sold = less money to spend - lower business income = record high numbers = wtf???
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    Look at the people who open and close the stock market. If its way up total bs! I see direct manufacturing from gas & oil and auto markets. The production orders are kinda low, not much overtime and people are getting moved around to different departments for work. If the economy is good I can see it, this Wall St stuff is pure BS to me. Thanks to those who stand in front of the camera and want more of your money as they ole with the gavel.

  3. F4U

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    I do deliveries and pickups for one of the largest ltl trucking companies, so I am seeing both very large companies and mom and pop shops on a daily basis. This is what I see and hear, it probably is not the whole story.

    Most of the businesses are doing more with less, getting more efficient in their production wherever possible. Many of them are working their current workers a lot of overtime instead of adding workers. This is because time and a half plus the benefits they are already paying for is cheaper than adding a new employee with full benefits. Many others are adding 2 part time workers with no benefits instead of 1 full time with benefits to get the same amount of work done.

    As for the stock market it is being driven by the federal reserve pumping something like $80 million a month into it. This cannot last and I fear the crash will be way worse than 2008.

    So in the end what you have in my opinion is most companies sitting on any extra money they have because they really don't know what their cost of doing business next year will be when Obamacare kicks in all the way.

    You have the people that still have good jobs making more money than ever, but not really spending wildly either.

    Then you have the rest either barely getting by working at whatever they can find part time or low paying full time, or on welfare and unemployment.

    As for the economy being on the "todo" list that gets into politics and that is a different page on this site.
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    I was watching one of the business channels this morning and they were talking about wages being down 3% over the course of the current administration which supports my theory that the American dream has become the American struggle for a lot of folks.
    I am a plant manager for a small( less than 80 people) manufacturer in a small town. For the last 2 years we have been working our current employees 60 hours a week just for the very reasons F4U described. We have now decided to add people but are having a difficult time because no one wants a job. They want a check and are drawing one either on welfare or unemployment.

    As to the stock market I have been asking for a while now who is driving it. Its no longer you or I. The only logical answer I can come up with is our own federal government and foreign government's which is a bad recipe.
  5. winds-of-change

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    I'll tell you one's doing wonders for my 401(k). :D
  6. SSGN_Doc

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    For now........

    Many 401Ks were in the tank after the last bubble burst. Like always the maket has high confidence periods, and low confidence periods. Some folks are smart enough to get in on teh rise, and out before the fall. Some folks ride it out long term and absorb the corrections as long as the long term picture is still for a gain.
  7. winds-of-change

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    That's where I am right now. Retirement is still far enough away that I always make it back financially. As they say, "It's not a loss unless you withdraw your money at the down turn." Over all, I've done pretty well these last few years. As I get closer to retirement, I will move all the money into a much safer investment.
  8. orangello

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    I blame the Bears.
  9. hiwall

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    Actually it is $2.8 BILLION per DAY!
    Think about that huge amount of new dollars every day. It has to go somewhere. So the stock market is way up.
  10. Bigcountry02

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    Companies could be padding their numbers to make them look good and that relates to the stock market.
  11. QueenGlamis

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    I work for a small company, 5 years now. We have gone from 4 of us (billing manager, office manager, 2 worker bees doing customer service etc. ) to I manage about 25 people now and about 50 ish employees, and 10-15 outside sales guys. We are turning down business because we can't hire fast enough. Check that, hire quality people with a brain fast enough. It feels pretty awesome to start from a scratch crazy idea and [push it into mainstream for alot of businesses. We now manage 40K wireless lines of service for companies from A - Z, billing, cost management, help desk and procurement. I love working there and even through the tough days I will be loyal and everyday is a new challenge.

    So even though some of the big dogs are fluffing the market, there are a bunch of us small guys out there helping the wheels turn.