Scrapy's Goes to the Range

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by diggsbakes, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. diggsbakes

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    So Scrapy's (the pieced together AR-15) first range trip wasn't ideal, by any means, but it was acceptable.

    First round of the Day. . . it shot! . . then that was it. It failed to fully cycle (short stroke). So I manually cycled and pulled again . . . CLICK ! No fire. So I checked the cartridge and discovered a primer strike. . . a very shallow primer strike. (keep in mind, the gun DID pass all of the safety tests before even loading) I continued through the manual cycling and occasional clicks, until I got a zero, then began to inspect the gun.

    Lucky for me the owner of the range drove his pickup around the area during this time and stopped to lend a hand. We came to the conclusion that the hammer spring was weak. We compared it to another AR and it was at most half as strong.

    The spring was changed (DPMS field repair kit) and I loaded another mag. I got about 5-6 rounds into the mag and I'd get an empty chamber or a double feed.

    We think (hope) it is a mag issue (AR stoner SS). The feed lips on that particular mag were uneven. I had the most success with a Magpul MOE and even a Magpul with a Nordic 48 round extension installed. But then I ran out of good ammo and it didn't like the Silver Bear that I had. . . that kind of bothers me, because my other ARs eat it up, so I bought a couple cases. Now I'm gonna have to keep testing, which I really don't enjoy. . .

    So it wasn't all that bad for a bunch of spare parts and my luck, which isn't so good usually.
  2. dunerunner

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    Even if you have to throw another $100 at it, you still have an inexpensive beater there. I'll keep watching the continuing saga of "crapy, the Lonesome AR" :D

  3. VitSports6

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    Agreed with what dunerunner said.
    My first build(a month ago or so) seemed to go quite well the first time I shot mine, However mine was a kit from one MFG and I added a lower.
    Best of luck
  4. CA357

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    It seems that you're down to the smaller issues now. Just keep tweaking and you're there.
  5. diggsbakes

    diggsbakes New Member

    There will be no $100 throwing here. . . that's not how Scrapy rolls. ;) The hammer (which just doesn't look right) will be replaced with a stock Double Star once my trigger in another lower is replaced with Spike's battle trigger, so Scrapy ONLY uses recycled parts. You might say he is "Scrapy The Green AR". :)
  6. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    since your barrel is a spare did you check headspace??? that can cause all the issues your facing if its worn. usually not a problem on new or lightly used ARs.