Scrapy's BIG Turnaround ! ! !

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    So as many of you know "Scrapy" was fitted with a new 20" barrel from Del-Ton. The original 16" "Dissipator" barrel, w/ rifle length gas system never did run reliably, due to the poor pressure produced by the design.

    The 20" rifle barrel was a different story! The gun's recoil is almost non-existant, handling is not that much different and accuracy was greatly improved.

    A zero @ 25 yards was achieved by lowering the front post quite a bit from where it was originally, then raising the rear sight to get it perfect, (will probably file down the front sight later) as the rifle was shooting low to start.

    The target shown was produced using Remanufactured Black Hills 69 gr Sierra MatchKing HPBT. I was set up about 20 yards in from the 100 yard line, as someone moved the table and I didn't feel like lugging the monster of a bench rest back out. The distance ended up being 75-80 yards and standard irons were used.

    I ran ~160-200 rounds through him and used several different mags, all with out a single malfunction! ! !

    Needless to say I AM STOKED with my new "truck-gun" ! ! !

    It took several months of parts collecting, trial and error (a lot of error), modification and building, but it was worth every bit!

    I learned more on this one as far as troubleshooting and testing, than I did on all my previous builds combined. The total cost of "Scrapy" ended up just shy of $500. It was at $450 before shipping it back to Del-Ton (~$30) and they graciously shipped it back for free.

    Now for the paint job. . . I've been working on my skills with magazines and have come up with some decent schemes, now I just gotta do it!

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    Diggs,It sounds like your a happy camper now.
    Glad your getting all the bugs worked out of Scrapy.

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    Congratulations and great to hear the good news. Kudos for following through on this one and posting it up, a lot of folks will be able to learn from it :)
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    Congratulations diggs. You built a good one. :cool:
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    Great news. Glad to hear you got the bugs worked out and are able to enjoy your rifle.
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    Thanks fellas! :)

    It sure does beat the feeling of getting all the way out to the range, setting up, loading mags and popping off a whole 5-10 rounds before a short stroke. . . It wasn't totally frustrating until I realized that there was nothing I could do to fix it. I was at the point of cutting loops off of the buffer spring in order to get a complete cycle/lock-back. :mad:

    Thanks to Del-Ton for replacing the slightly used 16" rifle barrel with a new 20" unit. I wish I was a better photographer, so I could do the barrel more justice. It has a sweet finish in addition to being a great shooter. I will definitely be back for more.