Scrappy (The $450 AR-15)

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    So I've been threatening to post pics of my "scrap" AR, upon completion. Well, After receiving my ejection port rod and springs yesterday, it was off to the garage and finished shortly!
    I've basically been buying Clearance, Used and "Economical" parts here and there for the last several months. I know I wanted a less expensive "truck gun" for camping, hiking, etc., just to throw in the back seat and not worry about cases, shooting in muddy conditions, scratching my finish or breaking/tweaking anything on the rails. I guess Durability was my #1 trait, followed by ease of use and reliability.

    The layout came from handling my Bushmaster Dissipator, A2 upper, but it's set up for night time use and was a gift from my Dad (bought during the election scare $$$), so that was a no go. But, I liked the hassle free set up and transport, I knew I wanted a milled carry handle. I almost nabbed an Armalite A1 upper (trade-in), but the owner of the shop stepped in on the sale and kept it for himself. But he did contribute quite a bit. I bought some lights, slings and other accessories one day and he let me root through their parts that were pulled off of trade ins and replaced. (Note the $Free$ below)

    Anyways, I imagine folks wouldn't mind a break down, so here it is. All parts were bought separately, even if from the same place, as sales popped up. Seems like I might have listed this before, but here it is with the pics.

    Surplus Arms and Ammo lower $60
    Surplus LPK $50
    A2 Stock $FREE$

    A2 upper (used) w/ FA and sights $60
    Surplus Arms BCG $85
    Yankee hill CH (used) $10
    Del-Ton Dissipator Barrel $150
    Armalite (used) rifle quad rail $35
    A2 flash hider $Free$
    Front Sight $Free$
    Ejection Port Cover $Free$
    Ejection port cover rod & springs $6

    Total: $456

    Took a lot of patience, but it was worth it and the gun is solid as hell! Its got some weight to it, so I'll probably end up with a "Sharks tooth" flash hider or another type of "glass breaking" one. Here's the pics.

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  2. MrMilspecer

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    Very nice .That shop owner sounds like a good guy as well. Its nice to have a AR you can toss around a little. Let us know how it shoots. :)

  3. CA357

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    Congratulations! That is an awesome project. In fact, I admire it much more than the builds with designer parts. You showed great ingenuity. :cool:

    I couldn't help but think of this song though:

    [ame=]YouTube - One Piece at a Time[/ame]
  4. mach1337

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    Nice! i would love a cheap beater gun but have no use for one right now maybe when I get back to TN then it will be good time.
  5. dnthmn2004

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    Thats very impressive and might just be an inspiration to new guys. $450 for an SUR! Awesome!
  6. russ

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    Nice job Diggs! For $450, you done good.

    How did the Surplus Arms and Ammo lower and LPK go together? Would you recommend them for a budget build?
  7. M14sRock

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    Looks great! I love making stuff work like that.
  8. ennbee15

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    Great job, just goes to show you that you can "scrap" one together. I think I'll scrap one together myself. Thanks for the inspiration! Enjoy
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  9. diggsbakes

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    They pinned up just fine, but as far as recommendations. . .

    Surplus Arms and Ammo Receiver: Yes.

    Surplus Arms and Ammo Lower parts kit: No.

    The receiver was great and I have since ordered another for a similar build, but the LPK had some issues. The first one I noticed was that the "reset" sear on the hammer was too long, so the disconnector would engage it and the hammer wouldn't drop upon pressing the trigger. I filed it down and it works. . .

    The second issue was noticed today during the test run. I noticed that I was coming up with shallow primer strikes upon inspection of brass and sometimes cartridges would not fire at all, but leave a tiny strike mark. When I got home I compared the spring strength to another AR and it was WAY weaker. I'm talking less than half the strength. :eek:

    But the good news is that is a part I have several of and costs pennies. :) Also there are many decent LPK for $10-$15 more that will do you a better job. It's worth it.
  10. NitroxAZ

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    That is a great rifle for a great price. Good on ya!