Scout Scope for an 8mm Mauser (S/42K GEW 98)

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    I went and fired my newly aquired 8mm Mauser today (traded my uncle a Llama .45 for it) and the safety is inoperable. Not because of defect, but because of the scope currently mounted on it is in the way. I was told I needed a scout scope to be able to use the safety. As I don't know much about scopes I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction or maybe recommend a good scout scope.

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    Just order a scope friendly safety-
    Lots of places stock them-
    Numrich & Midway for a couple-
    LOT cheeper than a scope!
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    Just in case you don't know, a scout scope (setup) is a long eye relief scope (pistol scope) that is on a mount (usually) located on top of your rear sight. A decent pistol type scope is not cheap and a scout scope mount add to cost.

    As earlier reply stated, might be better, cheaper too, to get a replacement safety better suited for a scope. Might be able to do this....mauser safety doesn't necessarily need to be in a 12 O'clock position to work. I've a number of scoped mausers that I've been merely removed enough metal from the safety's tang (part you grab to engage safety) to allow it to move to a 10-11 O'clock position, which was good enough to engage the safety.