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    Hey everybody, I dont have much experience scoping rifles. I have a remington 700 bdl in 7mm rem mag. I will be doing some target plinking and hunting some deer sized game, maybe elk someday. Ive seen some scopes are set up differently for magnum, why is that? For example, a nikon BDC, the top reticle is set for 200 yards for magnums. If i get a scope with a basic reticle, how do you adjust for shots 200 yards+? I appreciate the answers and any advice(scope brands, magnification,reticle,etc.)
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    I guess I'm old school with scopes. I use a plane ole duplex reticle and my scopes are to old to matter Not around today . I do like a 3-12 or 14 x44mm of a good mid range price. 350 to 400 today for a 7mm rem mag. Lets you get a good last look even if you back the power down to shoot. I have a old 3-12 on my 7mm but a 4-14 waiting for years to replace it with. That's scope out of burris production too. I don't want anything mess'n with my shot so I stay with a basic duplex . Theres a distance you have to decide to not shoot at. For me 425 to 450 is that distance. I use a 300 yard zero that leaves my load right at 3" high at 100 yards 2 1/2"" high at 200 yards zero at 300 yards and 5 3/4" to 6"low at 400 yards 13" low. 450. If I think I am close to 400+ I laser range it to check yards to adjust. if in a clear cut. Bullet I hunt deer with is a 139gr sst at 3310fps. For elf 140gr stx still with a 300 yards zero but limit to 400 yards.

    Heres a scope that gets my interest today.
    If you think you will never shoot 450 yards maybe a 2.5-10 will be enough.

    Set your zero at 3/4 of the distance of what you think is the farthest you will shot. Then take at good controlled shot from 50 yards to what you think will be your longest shot. and make notes. Write it down. The next time you shot with a dirty cold barrel take a shot at your zero and NOTE were it shoots. That will be what your rifle may do in the field. Do it again with a clean cold barrel next trip and note bullet impact when aiming at your zero. I try not to clean a rifle while hunting. If I have too I want to know where that bullet impact is .

    Not as many decent mid range scope today that aren't some tacticool design wanting to much money or made in china. good luck.