Scoping an AK-47

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    Is it worth it to put a scope on your Ak-47? Would the recoil make it impractical?
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    It all depends on what you are doing with it. The recoil from an AK is not too bad as to do much damage to most scopes.

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    As I understand it, it's possible and plausible, but depending on how you mount. I've got a kit that I just have not screwed with, but it mounts on the reciever and arches over the top. The top reciever cover scopes I heard are worthless, and I'd have to assume given that the cover is so loose anyway. But I haven't added just because...part of my enjoyment is seeing how good my eyes and hands are!


    Scope on an AK?

    Hello all


    As far as installing a scope on an ak, yes, it can be done! Should it be, now thats the real question? Theier are kits you can get that replace the reciever cover with one with a scope mount welded on tht part, I see those as worthless and they shift around a lot!

    Another company has as the the other fellow said, some mount that you can drill into the reciever and mount it above the cover?? Too silly a look and feel and DRILL YOUR RECEIVER??? NAW!

    The way I have seen it done on some of the Romainain as well as some of the other Comm Block countried is they have a welded or screwed on the received solid plate that a mount will lock up sould onto! Then with a smaller scxope, it is above the cover, well mounted and will aloow for proper eye relief with most scopes!

    The main problem I have with it, is as I do with SKS thought it's easier to mount on an SKS, mounting a scope on an AK or An sks seems to throw the ballence of the rifle or carbine off? It feels funky with a scope on it and though you can hit things with the scope, I've found the rear Peep type of sites that you can get for SKS and AK work soooo much better than any scope? No magnificatiojn of course, but they are well made sites that fit any ak or sks! Re-think this one, or you might well be sorry ya did it?
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    I just now bought an ak folder. I asked the gunshop owner the same question you are asking. He made a pretty good argument for not scoping my particular carbine. Of course, it's ultimately up to you what you do with your ak. I'm thinking this paticular ak will probably remain scopeless.
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    There are many scopes and red dot sights that are made specifically for the AK type of rifle and most of them are of Russian military origin.

    A couple of sources are: and (to see the scopes on this site, look at the green rectangle following the pictures and click on the item you want to see).

    On an AK type rifle, using the side rail is the best way to go. Scopes and red dot sights lock on very securely and most will keep their zero after being dismounted and remounted.

    Here is what a KOBRA red dot looks like on a Romanian SAR-1:

    This is a close up of how the sight clamps to the side rail of the rifle:
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    scoped ak-47

    i have an ak-47 ,have a nikon 3x9x40 on it,caliber is 223!
    scope has 100yd,150yd,200yd,300yd,so on ,zero 2''high at 100yds then put line on distance you are shooting,bingo it will strike target(russian made)ps scope can be set up for 308 also