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    Hey, i have a Remington 700, and I'm looking for a scope for it. Honestly i dont know a whole lot about scopes. I live in east Tennessee, and it's pretty hilly, so the farthest i would shoot would be 500 yards max. I was wondering what scope you all would suggest i get. I'm new on here so if i put this in the wrong place or did anything else wrong i apologize.
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    I live in south central Ky. I have similar terrain over here. Getting a 200 yard shot is not all that common. I've not bought many high dollar optics. What I've had the best luck with are those Bushnell Sportview 4x12 optics. They are clear and are more than enough power to see what you are wanting to shoot at. I have one on a similar rifle as yours.

    Now there's guys here that really know optics that will probably be able to give you a lot better advice on some really nice scopes. I'm just telling you want I've been using. I have three on three different rifles and they have dome me fine a good while now. For what I have in them if one busts I wont get too upset. The better ones will have a grantee so I guess that's a plus. Around here it just doesn't make a lot of sense to me to put more in the glass than I did the rifle. I'm not going to get any real long range in most occasions. But I know guys that spend a lot of money on theirs and they do well with them.

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    thanks for sharing. yeah i live in a very wooded area, so long shot are really out of the question. I have a very long field where i target shoot on my property, so that would be the only time i would be able to shoot more than a couple hundred yards. Thanks a lot i'm kinda new to rifles, i always owned hand guns and shot guns. So thanks a lot for the help
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    I like Nikon optics and have had good results with them. I think they are an excellent optic for a very reasonable price.

    Stuntman, why don't you head over to the New Member Introductions area and tell us a bit about yourself
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    living in elk country and horses you got to have good scope or good iron sites they take a beating Leupold and Burris are good scopes with life time warranty. They also have clearer glass then most. I've been told and try to practice spend at least as much for your scope that you paid for your riffle.
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    I also read this a lot and I think it is a bull. Buy one that will fit your intended use and not try to keep up with the Joneses.

    I bought a good "cheap" scope (half the price of my "cheap" rifle) and I will never use it to its full potential be it mounted on a $2,000+ rifle. In short there is a point when "I am" or "my skills" becomes the limiting factor...not the rifle or the scope.

    If you are a professional or big time hunter/shooter/sniper that rule may apply.

    That said, this is just my opinion and I am a nobody ;).
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    There are so many scopes on the market today,and it's hard to decide on one.
    I have scopes that are lower end on rimfires,but they still are a decent scope with clear glass,and good tracking.
    I try to put the best scope that I can afford on my hunting rifles though.You need to look at a scope as a tool.If you are a mechanic,would you use cheap Chinese or Taiwan made tools for a living,or buy a quality made tool that was made to be used hard and last forever.

    In scopes,You get what you pay for! Buy a cheap scope,and you'll know it in a short time.

    Bushnell,Mueller,Nikon,Weaver,Sightron all make some good scopes that won't break the bank.
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    Tx and Joshfire are right!! Get the best scope you can afford, cause there is a definite difference.
    I run a Burris Tac30 4X14 on my .223 and .308 and a Leupold Mark 4 on the .300 WM. They are mounted on Warne 20 MOA mounts with Burris Tactical rings. I shoot a good bit at the range out to 500 yds and use a mil dot reticle.
    Personally I prefer the Burris reticle better than the Leupold because it appears very dark and prominent.
    When you get into the better scopes, you will notice a biggg difference in clarity of the glass and crispness of the image. They also consistently maintain their zero.
    Again, we are who we are and you should buy what you can afford or want.
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    Take a look at the Vortex line of scopes.
    Very clear and not hard on the wallet.
    Lifetime warranty, and they come with and the extras.