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  1. mwardo23

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    My lovely wife, who I love sooo much, just got me a Savage Axis bolt action 308. Now, I need a good scope for it. I'm new to hunting and fairly new to shooting. My seach for a scope has left me alittle overwhelmed. I know I want a 3-9 but other then that I'm not sure. What type of reticle? Illuminated or not? 40mm or 50mm? Also I'm hoping to keep it around $100. If not less. Some help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Steel_Talon

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    Nikon Prostaff would be a first good scope....Available at Walmart
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  3. Txhillbilly

    Txhillbilly Active Member

    A $100 won't get you much of a scope.
  4. kalboy26

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    Unfortunately I think he is right, even though nice is relative. My 1st scope was a hundred bucks when I started hunting. It was accurate, but fogged alot and didn't do well in low light. 200 bucks will get you a lot more, but only you know your budget and what you need.
  5. mwardo23

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    Let me re-frase that. I need a decent/ reliable scope that will hold up. Nice is relative and as much as I would like a $400 scope it just isn't in the cards any time soon.
  6. therewolf

    therewolf New Member

    A cheap rifle with a good scope will work better

    than a good rifle with a cheap scope. There are

    hidden expenses to cheap scopes, not the least of

    which is re-zeroing ammo & time lost.

    My advice would be get the best scope you

    possibly can. Another cost is the cheaper, slower

    scope may cost you a prize buck, what's that worth

    to you?
  7. godale

    godale New Member

    nikon prostaff 3x9x40, can be had for 169.00 to 199.00;depending where you go. if your budget is about half that i say bushnell banner.
  8. hkhunter

    hkhunter New Member

    This is not the best scope, but Sportsman's guide has provided several scopes at very good prices. I found the Pentax scopes have parallax issues. You really get what you pay for in scopes. The clearance houses have the best deals on scopes
  9. Wambli

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    You might have to pony up a few more dollars but anything Nikon is good glass. Also quite a few of my friends have been playing around with the new Redfields since leupold bought them and they are putting out a very nice product. They have a few models in the low to mid $100 range. I've had good luck getting decent deals out of
  10. Ishooter

    Ishooter New Member

    My advice would be save up till you get $200 for your scope. You will get a much better scope in that price range.
  11. toddchaney

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    I haven't looked lately, but the Leupold VX-1 is usually under $200. Second vote for the Nikon.
  12. Hunterdan

    Hunterdan New Member

    I picked up a redfield revolution 3-9x40 last Christmas. Only took a few shots to sight in and the glass is Crystal clear. Paid around $200 delivered from cabelas. I would definitely pick one up again. Has the same warranty as leupold, so no worries there. I also picked up a ruger frontier that came equipped with a nikon buckmaster scope. Not quite as clear as my redfield, but still a nice scope none the less. If I were in a budget, I wouldn't hesitate to pick one up. As said earlier, go from $100 to $200 and your options for a good scope really open up.
  13. mwardo23

    mwardo23 New Member

    How doethanks for the input. How does everyone feel about Bushnell? In particular the banner series and the trophy xlt. I've found both for right around $100
  14. Anna_Purna

    Anna_Purna New Member

    True, but a 100 dollar cope can eventually be put on the 22 rifle when one has more money. And then that could be a great scope for a 22.
  15. E7018Dan

    E7018Dan New Member

    If money is tight I'd go with this suggestion.
  16. huffmanite

    huffmanite New Member

    Might want to visit and check the remaining inventory of a discontinued line of scopes caller Nitrex...just a few model TR1 scopes left. Here is one: TR One 3-9x42mm Rifle Scope Matte Finish TrexPlex Reticle

    This is a quality scope made in Japan. Good optics and turret adjustment function quite well. It did sell for well over $250. Very comparable to a Weaver Grand Slam, Nitrex and certain Weaver models were made in same plant with same optics and internal. Both Nitrex and Weaver owned by same company, so nitrex line was discontinued....Weaver handles the life time warranty on Nitrex.

    Also at Natchez are the Weaver 40/44 aspherical lens models that are worth considering. The aspherical lens ones have been discounted in price. Personally, I'd buy the $129.95 3.8-12x44 A.O. if its still available. Own one of these myself, very nice optics in it. Scope is made in Philippines. There may be a lower power 2.8-10x44 aspherical lens available for a littler lower price, but its not an adjustable objective scope.

    Until Dec 15th Natchez has free shipping, and scopes are one of things with free shipping. But you need the Natchez promo code to enter if ordering via internet.
  17. JimRau

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    What he said!:D
    I have sold several and all my customers loved them. I bought one and put it on my 7-08 and I can see why the love them!;)
  18. sfcjcl

    sfcjcl New Member

    I would like to suggest you look for a "nice" used Baush & Lomb Balvar or a Simmions Presidential on ebay under used rifle scopes.

    There hasn't been a great deal of improvements on Rifle optics since the early 70's when Japan optic companies basic took over the business. The scopes I mentioned above can be had from $100 to $150 in like new condition, where as 20 years ago they sold for $299 / $399 price range.

    Got a Balvar 4x12 on a CZ 455 in 17hmr and a Simmions Presidential 4X12 on a CZ 527 in 22 hornet.
  19. John_Deer

    John_Deer New Member

    Here is an inexpensive scope. Simmons will refund your money if it will not do the following:
    Waterproof, fogproof and recoilproof to 1,000 rounds from a .375 H&H magnum rifle or 12-gauge slug gun firing a 3.5" shell.
    Price $89.95
    No other scope maker is offering a similar warranty. Plus the scope has a lifetime warranty.
    I own a similar scope that is a little more pricey. My scope is from the Masterpiece series of Simmons scopes. It has never fogged up or given me any kind of grief.

    Don't think because the scope is inexpensive you can just slap it on a rifle. The scope will perform like a $500 scope if you mount it with the same care as a $500 scope. If you don't have a torque wrench and the knowledge to level the scope have a gunsmith install the scope and select the mounts and rings.
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  20. jjfuller1

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    ...6 months behind are we?