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  1. Yunus

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    What sort of accuracy can you all get with open sights? I know with a scope a quality stock bolt action rifle can hit 1" or better MOA, I know this because I have one that does it. But without the scope what kind of accuracy can I expect? I know that I will be moving the burden of accuracy from the gun to my hand/eye coordination but in your experience how much if any of a loss of accuracy is there at 100-200 yards with open sights vs a scope?
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    Good iron sights will do you proud. I have 2 M14's that will do 5 shot, sub MOA with iron sights from prone or off the bench.

    One is a custom built Smith Enterprise rear lugged receiver with NM sights, outstanding trigger and a Krieger medium stainless barrel that is bedded in a McMillan M1A stock.

    But the other is a standard Armscorp from the early 90's. It has a chrome lined Winchester barrel, standard sights and no trigger work. It also has a Chinese bolt. Oh, and I've put way over 15,000 rds through it since I got it. Go figure.

    Good iron sights will not hold you back. But a scope is way better in low light.

  3. cpttango30

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    PALMA shooters use open sights at 800 900 and 1000 yards. They shoot at a 24" bull.
  4. FCross7

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    It really comes down to how good your eyesight is, how much practice you have with said rifle, and I would think the most important is how consistent your cheek weld is.

  5. Lefty O

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    it all depends on YOUR eye's!
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    Yep,depends on the eyes, for me,without glasses I can see the target,but the front sight is blurred, put my glasses on,can see the front sight, the target is blurry, so to scope I go.:D

  7. stalkingbear

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    I get a LOT more precision with optical sights. It's all in how good and young your eyes are. The key is how fast your eyes can adjust focus from the front sight to the target.
  8. cpttango30

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    Another factor that is very relevant in open sights is your Sight Radius. Your sight radius is the distance form your rear sight to the front sight. The large the sight distance the more accurate they are. So a hunting rifle with both sights on the barrel 20" apart is not going to be as accurate as a rifle with the sights set at the rear of the receiver with a sight radius at 25".

    Also the distance from your eye to the rear sight will affect your sight picture as well.

    It should be noted that the distance from the shooter's eye to the sight combination (dependant on the shooter's stature and stance) is an important consideration:
    For a shooter who holds the pistol closer to the eye (smaller stature and/or bent arm), the rear sight gap will appear wider in relation to the front sight blade
    For a shooter who holds the pistol closer to the eye, the front sight will appear wider in relation to the target.
    Due to the effects of perspective, the rear sight gap will APPEAR wider in relation to the front blade – e.g. for a front sight blade width and rear sight gap both of 3mm, the APPARENT sight ratio for most shooters:
    with a sight radius of 200mm will be around 1.25:1
    with a sight radius of 150mm will be around 1.1:1

    That is from Sight Radius - Shooting Wiki