Scope Suggestions (Also Turkey Question)

Discussion in '.22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion' started by Jeehs, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Jeehs

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    I recently got a Marlin Model 60 Semi-auto "self-loading" .22 LR. I normally use it to hunt squirrels and I want to find a good scope for it, I normally hunt during the early morning just after (or during dawn) and late afternoon to or at dusk. And a normal range guesstimate would be 50ft. So if you have any suggestions thank you, We also have some wild turkey that have entered our hunting grounds and The guy I hunt with said that our .22 Hollowpoints would take down a turkey if we get enough accurate shots, can anyone confirm this? Its obvious but I mean I dont think its very practical compared to bringing our 30-30 and hittin it once or twice.... Thank you again
  2. hunter Joe

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    There are a lot of inexpensive fixed power rim fire scopes that will work fine on those tree rats.You don't need to get too fancy unless your trying to outdo your hunting buddies and the then there's no limit to the money you can spend on a scope.

    As far as shooting turkeys with a .22, IMO it's not real sporting but the .22 is capable of killing just about anything in the lower 48 states.

  3. agoetz2005

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    it is capable, but not always advisable or admirable, or LEGAL. Some game animals have minimum caliber requirements.

    You might also want to look at a red dot apparatus with 1x or 2x magnification. If you're talking 50' and not 50 yards you can pull up for quick and accurate shots on a red dot very nicely.
  4. JonM

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    at 50 feet open sights will work just fine on squirrels rabbits turtles and such. most scopes are set parralex free at anywhere from 50-60 yards. at such a close range with a cheap non-adjustable scope as your going to find and want to put on a .22 its going to actually be a detriment. pace out 15-6 yards and see if you cant hit a dime sized target. thats about 50 feet. parrelex usually isnt a problem as most scope are used for deer and larger game so varrying impact points with a scope outside the parrelex focus isnt a real issue. but with something the size of a squirrel head combined with firing without a rest, it can be a real issue. open sights are better for such a thing.

    the 22LR is fairly flat shooting out to 50 yards or so. the .17hmr even more so.

    you can get a parralex adjustable scope for a rimfire that can get as close as 10 yards parralex free but they arent cheap.

    most states ban the use of rimfire weapons for hunting on anything larger than rabbits.
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    50 ft you will miss more with a scope than open sights. At most I would get a halo or red dot sight that way you have a much larger FOV.