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  1. saitek

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    hi there first post after my introduction , i am going to get a rock river arm's lar8 a4 .308 .
    i am trying to figure out which scope to get ,i want a quick removable mount ,i am going to still keep fold down iron sight's will only be shooting off the the bench at 100 and 200Yards .dont need a monster scope just clear enough to see the hole's . easy to make adjustment's buy knob's their easier on my finger's any thought's would be helpful ,thank's .
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    As much as I hate it I've found quality costs when optics are the topic.

    I however am a cheapskate and opt out of the $1k plus optics game.

    As far as magnification I like the largest magnification I can find for what I want to spend. Of course I research a product before making a purchase.

    I would love to have Night Force on every rifle I own but...

    For the ranges you listed I'd say 6-18x50 and maybe something w/ a bullet drop comp.

  3. saitek

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    the scope's i have seen the bullet drop comp was calibrated for the .223
  4. jjfuller1

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    i would suggest a nikon monarch, or a nikon buckmaster. they are 3x9, or up to 4.5x14 or 6x18. nikon makes very crisp clear scopes, and these run around 300 bucks depending on magnification. and should work fairly well at the ranges listed. seeing holes with the lower mag. scope might be diffacult at 200 yds tho. for that i would go with the 6x18. however the 3x9 would be fine for hitting that target at that distance. just hard to see the little holes


    use the dirty bird targets in order to see your bullet holes ALOT better............just buy the 8-inch circle bullseyes and you can almost see them with the naked eye @ 100 yds.

    as for the scope, Nikon makes very affordable ones. depending on the amount of $ you want to throw @ the optical portion of your rifle, there's a scope for EVERY situation.........from $25 all the way up to, and surpassing $5500.
  6. BenLuby

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    Ever thought of just going to Wally World and buying their little sixty dollar spotting scope? I bought one and, shockingly, at 100 yards you can easily see the holes. Haven't tried 200, and think that may be a bit of a stretch for it, but I don't shoot 200 yards.
  7. bman940

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    As JJ stated Nikon makes some great scopes that will fit your needs very well. The Buckmaster 4.5-14 would do everything you asked of it and if you get a BDC reticle you can really reach out there especially if you also utilize Nikon's Spot On Ballistic Program.
    It's free ay, just register.
    Also, a great promotion on the Buckmaster right now as well. Buy one from and Authorized Nikon Dealer and get a coupon for a Free Nikon Dig. camera, a $120 value.
    I hope this info helps?
    Drop me a note if you have more questions.
    Nikon Pro Staff
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    that give's me a lot to think about ,right now they are a little rich for my blood after i buy the rifle i will be on a champaine taste with a beer budget ,i might have to lower my expectations a little bit !
  9. Txhillbilly

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    I just bought a Weaver Super Slam scope for my 458 SOCOM. I mainly buy higher priced optics,but knowing the punishment that the 458 puts on optics,I figured I save a little money and try to kill this one first.
    I was amazed at the quality and clarity of this scope. I'd say,the glass is right with a Bushnell 4200 or Zeiss Conquest on clarity

    Weaver's have a lifetime warranty,so no worries there.And Weaver has always made a pretty tough scope.

    Natchez Shooters Supply has them on sell right now,and the Super Slam also has a $50 mail in rebate.
    I was really impressed with this scope,you might want to look at them.

    Mine is a 3-15x50mm with the duplex reticle.