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    This has been driving me insane for almost a year. I got a Nikon scope that the guy who previously owned it put it in a QD mount which is nice, but the scope is slightly rotated. I've spent hours trying to correct it and when I think I got it, I go to the range and it's still wrong. Can someone please give me some tips on how to get it level, or REALLY close to level?
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    My husband just took his back yesterday because of the same problem and they replaced the scope itself.

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    I'm assuming you mean the scope tube needs correct level alignment in the scope rings....

    I secure the rifle in a gun vise, and placing a level on the action ensure the gun is level.

    I then place the level on the top turret and turn the scope in the rings until attaining perfect level, then torque the rings down.

    MidwayUSA offers a Wheeler Engineering tool that facilitates what I just described for not too much money:

    Now if the reticle isn't plumb inside the scope itself, it's time to send it back to the manufacturer.
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    I use an "L" shaped square.

    With my Howa 1500 I opened the magazine floor plate which gave me a square point on the rifle. Then position the square on the bottom of the mag with the vertical part of the square to align with the scope turret. Make sure everything is flush then tighten the ring screws.

    You can tell if it is correct by 100 yard shooting at a vertical line 18 inches or so long, with a dot at the bottom to aim at. Then adjust the scope 12 or so moa up and shoot again at the same aiming point. If the shot hits in the same relative position from the line as your first shot, the scope is square to the rifle.