Scope Rings for Marlin Model 795

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    I bought some cheap rings that are supposed to mount on the 3/8" grooved rail on my Marlin Model 795. The problem is when I tighten the rings onto the grooves the rings are off center and crooked, I have tried mounting with the screw on both sides and turnng the clamp on the rings but nothing seems to work. Any ideas? The rings are FM brand.

  2. big shrek

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    50/50 chance that it ain't the rings.

    First, Micrometer check the rings...and test for true as well...Brownell's has a scope mounting kit that is invaluable.

    Now for the Other Possibility...
    A run of 795's had horrible 3/8'ths rails...instead of measuring .43 all the way, they measure from .44-.46 :(
    Of course, that means nothing will fit properly on the rail...until it's resolved.

    Take a digital micrometer, and measure every centimeter or so...if you get anything other than .43 all the way down, you got a goofed one.

    Choices are...send it back to Marlin, where they'll fix it & return it to ya...
    OR if it's out of warranty, DIY with a triangle file & some black Krylon to clean it up after.
    Even if it's out of warranty, I'd still call Marlin never know...

    At least it's a fairly easy fix...just a bloody annoying one.
    I'm hoping the new Factory in Illion, NY will resolve this sort of thing with the new toolings.
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  3. cpttango30

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    I am going to put my one on the cheap azz rigns. Get yourself a decent pair of rings. I like Millet angl-lock rings for my rimfires.

    Millett at MidwayUSA
  4. big shrek

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    It could very well be the the least I'm willing to use are Weaver rings...

    Although Leapers has come out with a pretty nifty One-piece scope mount/ringset that I kinda am getting drawn a few folks testing them now on another board to get long-term results...but so far, they look pretty darn good.