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Scope Recommendation for .300 Blackout

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Ok guys, I'm brand new to the AR-15 world but just had to buy one before the ban is executed. So my M&P15 300 Blackout came in today and now I need to find a scope for it. I've always used Leupold's or Bushnell Elite 3200's on all of my deer rifles but have no clue what to look for in an AR scope. I will be using this gun for ground hogs and plinking (out to 500 yards). I'm thinking I need a BDC reticle but not sure if there is one calibrated for the 300 Blackout. I see that Nikon makes one for the .223's, will this work with the 300? If not, what would you recommend? My price range is $200-$300.

Thanks for any help in advance.
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AAC say's it is similar to a .30-30, so I think you are stretching the realistic distance for hunting anything. A man sized target at 440 yards is considered max w/ a 16" barrel. That is not a p-dog or 9" kill shot on a whitetail. It is a 5'8" high, 2.5' target. It says ballistics match the 7.62x39, so w/ that in mind about 200 yards will end it's accurate precision range w/ a 16" barrel. A simple 4x32mm scope will do well.
Thanks for the input!! I was looking into the Burris AR-332, think that is a good choice for some ground hog hunting and long distance plinking?
Hi-Lux/Leatherwood has a scope with a reticle calibrated for 300 BLK.

I have the original CMR & it works well for every thing from the 115 gr. UMC to the 220 gr. subsonics.
I have the Nikon p223 scope on my m4 either bdc reticle out to 600 yards and works great and is accurate. Cool thing about it is u can use the Nikon spot on program and input ur cartridge info and it will re- designate the hold over points using the ballistic infor for ur specific manufactorers, and bullet types and loads. Swapped it over to my 270 and 30-30 just to see if it actually worked and it does. Very nice scope in ur price range plus mine came with the p series scope rings for it. Check it out.
Anything over 200 is unrealistic. 200 may even be stretching it.

Do you really need a scope for such short range???
Red dot would be better.
Nikon has a 300 BLK specific scope coming out too.

The price is right.
That is exactly what I was looking for!!!! For close range I'm gonna put a front grip on with a light and laser!!

Now if I don't sale the gun by spring I'll be ready for whistle pig season!!!
The distance information is just not accurate on the 300BLK it is effective out to 750m all day long with a red dot sight running a 8.1" barrel with suppressor.

How about this one?

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