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    I have decided to buy a Stevens 200 in 25-06 to use as a groundhog/ nuissance deer gun. I am looking for a scope and have searched the net and have some in mind but I thought I would get some more opinions. I want the scope to be powerful enough for 500 yards if the gun is capable, it will probably spend the better part of the summer riding around in a farm truck so it needs to hold it's zero well, and since I am in college and funds are tight I do not want to spend more than $175 dollars, what power would you reccommend. I know Leupolds are good but I cannot afford it. I was looking at the Penatx Gameseeker, Bushnell Banner, Nikon Prostaff, and a GuideGear (Barska). Thanks in advance for your help. Jared
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    the Nikon Prostaff's are great for the money