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  1. ATrip31

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    What tightening rings down on a scope what does it mean if you hear a click , does this mean I have tightened them to much and will it cause a problem
  2. KG7IL

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    I'm sure someone will be along and ask you to go to introductions and let us know a bit about you.

    In the meantime, welcome to the forum.

    A click could mean one or more of many things.
    • Screw Broke
    • Misalignment popped into place
    • Thread stripped
    • Friction Release
    • Screwdriver shaft rotated
    • Scope Tube Collapsed
    you get the idea..... hard to say from here.

    I would recommend removing the scope, mounts, rings, etc and do a visual inspection on everything. including the tapped holes. Try your screws in the threads.

    Then give it a try again.

  3. JonM

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    i use 25inch pounds on ring screws and 60inch pounds on the clamp to base screws

    get a wheeler FAT wrench. its the best $$ to quality inch pound torque wrench out there.