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    Alright so I'll be mounting a scope on a rifle after Christmas and I won't have a tongue screwdriver available. I don't want to over tighten so are there any tricks to hand tightening with an Allen wrench without overdoing it? I've heard one hand tight just take thumb and forefinger and push until it won't go anymore. I was gonna see if there was any more sage wisdom to be had?
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    Use some blue (medium) Locktite on the scope base screws. After the scope is mounted it will be easy to check the screws on the rings from time to time as they will be exposed. However the base screws will be covered by the rings/ and or scope, so Locktite them now so you know they will not get loose. Also make sure the screws that hold the stock to the action are snug.

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    buy a torque screwdriver. they are not that expensive. some less than $35. it is worth it to get the screws properly torqued and not put undue pressure on the scope tube which can damage the scope and it's settings when sighting in.

    tighten the screws down evenly and carefully. make sure the rings are secure to the bases as well.