Scope mounting screw up, need advice.

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by morgancctx, Oct 7, 2012.

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    First I would like to thank anyone who can find the time to advise a knucklehead in their busy schedule. I'm not sure how bad my lack of thinking thru properly to save time has put me in a bad situation with my Rem 700 Classic.257 Roberts. I had a local sporting goods store replace an old Weaver scope with a new Redfield scope on clearance with new Leupold 2pc. STD mounts and rings. Should have been a simple task, but it seemed to take a long time and after checking eye relief, returned home late. Some time later my son checked out the scope and discovered the gun bolt was locked up. (crap! I didn't check that) Back at the store the next day, the managers and I discover the guy had over torqued and mixed screws in the mounts, tightening 1 or 2 long screws into the bolt and 1 was twisted off in the gun, the bolt is still locked in place by the broken screw. They are trying to make good, admitting their fault and having a certified gunsmith repair the gun. I told them I wanted the mounts and rings replaced with new, for obvious reasons. I also will talk with the gunsmith about how damaged the gun and scope are, the gun being my biggest concern. Now, I am no gunsmith or an avid gun specialist, but I am a mechanic/machinist by trade for 35 yrs, removing a broken screw is a standard task, but what will happen when the gunsmith tries to remove the bolt afterwards has me very worried. I am still waiting for the gunsmith to call me. Here is where I could use some expert advice. What can I expect, what should I look for and what should I demand ?
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    Ouch! I would never let a general sporting goods store do anything on a gun but that advice is too late. Is the store paying for the gunsmith? If not, it is time to assess the damages and what it will take to make the rifle as it was. It may have to be sent to the factory for service. Present a bill to the store manager for any and all out of pocket expenses. If it is a big box store take it to the regional manager if necessary. If they balk, take them to small claims court. Dont let them say we could have fixed it if you had let us. They screwed it up once and they dont get a second chance.

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    it might amount to no more damage than a mar/scratch on the bolt. wait and see what the gunsmith says before you get to worked up. it IS a bad deal but wait to see how bad.