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  1. lonyaeger

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    I always hear talk about getting the scope mounted as low and close to the barrel as you can, which I guess makes sense from a physics point of view.

    But how important is it really? Is the reason for saying that because it makes it easier for the proper cheek-weld?

    In trying to mount a Nikon Monarch on a Savage rifle using low rings, I'm finding that the ocular bell is too low and hits on the bolt, but the elevation for the objective is fine. I guess this means I'm going to have to go with higher rings.

    What is the downside of doing this? Thanks for your help.
  2. cpttango30

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    The biggest downside is going to be the height of the centerline of the scope. If it is too high then you will have to adjust the position of your head on the stock. If your scope is too tall then you end up with just your chin on the stock and that is not a good solid head position.

    I found that when using a Standard Leupold base (One dove tail one adjustable) that med height rings will work for 32-44mm scopes for the most part.

  3. lonyaeger

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    Right, but if I installed an adjustable cheekpiece, thereby making my cheekweld right.....will the height of the scope negatively affect the accuracy or the adjustability of the scope?
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    But you've often said that you much prefer a one-piece base and I completely agree with that.
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    I have 1 two piece base on one of my guns only because I had to do it that way.

    I feel the advantages of the 1 piece out weigh any negitive aspect someone might try to come up with.

    As far as scope height negitivly affecting the accuracy of a rifle. I doubt a single person on here no matter how good they think they are (Me included) are not going to notice the affect of a 2" scope height over a 1.5" height.
    There is a picture in that thread that shows a pistol with a special scope mount that is 6" tall I believe.
    Want to put an Aimpoint on a Ruger rifle. - THR

    I like mine low because I like the way they look. My 308 (2 piece base) is goign to get a new stock in the next year. This stock will be built for how high I have the scope mounted now.
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    Lon,What base & rings are you using?

    How much of the Bolt handle hits the scope? Medium rings will be about .120 taller and should clear the handle.It also won't affect you cheekweld enough to worry about it.

    Make sure to measure you eye clearance on the scope,you don't want to wind up with a black eye the first time you fire it. LOL

    Maybe you can wait until I can come up to shoot it,and I'll bring you some SPECIAL little handloads for your little 300WM. Ha-ha-ha.
    I'll shoot'em right beside you with mine. THB
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    We'll git er done, THB!