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    I know this is probably a really stupid question, but I am new to the scope world. I will keep it simple. I have a Savage .270 that came with a scope. Just recently I picked up a Weaver Classic Extreme 2.5-10x50 scope and it has a knob with yards marked on it. 100-600 maybe, cant remember the high number off the top of my head. I am familiar with windage and e elevation adjustments, but what would this knob be for? Is it really as simple as turning it to the yards I'm shooting at?
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    Two guesses on that nob.
    * Focus
    * Parallax

    The Extreme series is true to Weaver’s long heritage in riflescope design... built for hunters who need their scopes to perform flawlessly regardless of the time, the environment, or the conditions. The Extreme’s one-piece, 30mm tubes combined with Weaver's legendary fully multi-coated optics. Precision machining and dry nitrogen purging guarantee years of rugged service and protection from the environment. Free-wheel re-settable w/e dials, fast-focus eyepieces, side-focus parallax adjustments*, 4 inches of eye relief.

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    Depends on where that Knob is located there MattyT.
    If it's at front of Scope, then it's a Parallax/Yardage adjustment, to fine tune the clarity according to distance. If you have Rifle zeroed in at 100 yds and you try shooting at 500yds, it will NOT compensate. Your Bullet will not hit Target, due to it's only zeroed for 100yds.

    If Knob is where the Elevation Knob is, then once you Zero(then Knob is re-set back to 100yds according to Manual), then by turning to 200, 300, 500 yards, the Scope's Crosshair will compensate to that distance without you(the shooter) from having to re-zero each time. This only corresponds on what Ammo is used for Scope's tests, which will also be in Scope's Manual.

    It could be a Side Focus/Distance knob also. You Zero your Rifle(100yds) the regular way with the E/W Knobs, and this Knob set to 100yds. When you look at objects/Targets at greater distances, you adjust this knob to where you get sharp picture. This will be your distance/yardage. If Scope has Markings/Dots under the Crosshair, you sight using these Marks. These are calibrated for that distance.
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    Its the parallax adjustment located on the left side of the erector housing. Dial it to the range you are shooting to eliminate paralax
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    Ok cool thanks for the help guys. I now know what parallax is!
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    That would be either an Adjustable Objective (If on front of scope) or a side focus (If opposite of windage knob). Both do the same thing it is just easier to use a side focus because you can see the yardage out of the nonshooting eye.