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Scope issue: new zero and wind/elev knobs reversed??

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i have a couple questions regarding my tasco mag39x32sd model.

1. after ive sighted my scope in, how do i reset my wind/elevation screw back to MY zero? i see no hex key bolts around the wind/elevation mounting.

2. as per the manual and dial, to adjust left, one needs to click clockwise. when i click clockwise, my reticle shifts right. the direction is reversed for the elevation as well. the "L" and arrow do point in the correct direction as per the manual, but to reiterate, when i click towards what is shown as left with the arrow pointing to that direction, it moves the reticle to the right.

my scope is mounted properly from what i can understand, as the windage knob is facing the right and the elevation knob is on top of the scope and rifle.
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Well, there will be now....I've got to get to bed.
Ram - I wouldn't pay that guy too much attention. His whole purpose here is to convince everyone he is the smartest guy in the internetz and everyone else is an idiot. If you would like a laugh some time, check out this thread of wisdom.

how would i set these to my new zero?

Here is a link to instructions from Leupold concerning Coin Slot scope zeroing.

Here's the actual Tasco web based manual, but it doesn't appear to be a hell of a lot of help for you. Sorry Brother....

Sorry about that bro - Leupold apparently has a pretty good webmaster. :p

Here is the information, copied directly from Leupold:

How do I Zero the Windage and Elevation Dials After Sighting
Zeroing the Windage and Elevation Dials After Sighting In All Leupold scopes feature adjustment dials, either numbered or with an indicator, that can be repositioned to align the marked zero of the dial with the position indicator without changing the adjustment setting of the scope that was achieved when sighting in. This allows the shooter to know the original zero of the rifle in the event further adjustments are made in the field. To reposition the dials on Vari-X II and Fixed Power models, move the outermost dial so that the zero aligns with the stamped line indicator mark on the top of the adjustment screw that is perpendicular to the coin slot. Vari-X III models have a pointer dial that moves with the adjustment slot. This dial also can be moved independently to align with the zero on the outermost dial. To reposition this dial simply rotate it until the pointer is aligned with the zero. To reposition the dials on Target and Tactical models: 1. Loosen the set screws that surround the top of the knob until the cylinder turns freely. 2. Move the cylinder dial by hand to align the zero with the white perpendicular mark at the base of the cylinder. 3. Tighten the set screws until the cylinder is secure.

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Dillinger must of been sending his post while I was typing mine. What he provided you was very correct (not that he needs me to codify him) except they are calling it a "slot".
Thanks, but for the record, I got that from Leupold's website. I didn't write that, I just knew where to find it. :p

You really need to put Leupold's copy right on this... Copyright ©
Well Done. Thanks for posting that..

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