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Scope issue: new zero and wind/elev knobs reversed??

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i have a couple questions regarding my tasco mag39x32sd model.

1. after ive sighted my scope in, how do i reset my wind/elevation screw back to MY zero? i see no hex key bolts around the wind/elevation mounting.

2. as per the manual and dial, to adjust left, one needs to click clockwise. when i click clockwise, my reticle shifts right. the direction is reversed for the elevation as well. the "L" and arrow do point in the correct direction as per the manual, but to reiterate, when i click towards what is shown as left with the arrow pointing to that direction, it moves the reticle to the right.

my scope is mounted properly from what i can understand, as the windage knob is facing the right and the elevation knob is on top of the scope and rifle.
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Properly labeled, the point of impact should move in the direction the arrows on the turrets indicate, no "interpretation" required.

In fact, with any sight, to move impact to the right, adjust the rear sight to the right, etc. Again, no interpretation needed.
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