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Discussion in '.22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion' started by BillM, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. BillM

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    Just picked up a Nylon 66 and want to put a scope on it.

    I've got a pile of 22's with 1" scopes by several manufacturers,
    but want something a little different on this one. It's such a
    light handy little rifle, big glass just doesn't seem right. SO---

    3/4" (or maybe 7/8") tube, with rings to fit a standard rimfire
    dovetail. Old School--the kind of little scopes that used to come on 22's,
    but with modern lens coatings.

    I want a variable. 2x-7x would be sweet. 1x-4x is my second choice.
    3x-9x starts getting a bit clunky.

    Duplex crosshairs---I've had a bunch of little 22 scopes over the years
    with straight crosshairs--no thanks.

    Reasonable price. Under a hundred for sure. Suggestions?
  2. Que

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    you should be able to find an oldie on ebay that matches the timeframe of the Nylon. you may find accuracy suffers due to the fact that the outer skin on the rcvr is just that so you really aren't mounting the scope to a solid part of the rifle and shifts in sighting/impact may very well occur.

  3. thdrduck

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    And every time you clean the gun the receiver cover needs to come off. Had a 66 many years ago, never had a jam with it, just didn't care for the thing. I think I traded it for a small TV.
  4. hiwall

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  5. BillM

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    Thanks Hiwall---that Tasco is a good candidate. It's actually a 3/4".
    Also found a similar one by BSA:

    Heck--EVERYBODY used to make at least one little ".22 scope". Now they appear
    to be a rare bird. Odd. With modern glass and coatings a 3/4" scope would
    probably be brighter than the old K series Weavers I ran in the 70's.
  6. big shrek

    big shrek Well-Known Member

    That is one rifle that NEVER looks right with a scope on it...and it doesn't matter what kind...modern or straight-tube.

    B'sides, the funky rear sight is neat enough :)
  7. BillM

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    Shrek--I actually agree with you. Another is the old Browning 22 auto,
    just seems a shame to hang a scope on it. However---when you pass
    60, the old eyes don't get along with iron sights like they did back in
    the day. A nice slender little scope is what the 66 needs to compensate
    for my vision shortcomings.:)