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    Good morning fellow gun enthusiasts. I looked in my gun cabinet and found in the back corner my old Chinese Norinco SKS. It is the full size not the paratrooper. It is very very accurate but over these past years my eyesight has been failing and now I need to scope the thing. The rifle will reliably hit a pie size plate out to 550 yards. That is the farthest at the range. But now I can't see much past 50. How should I scope this rifle? Thank you in advance.
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    I also have an SKS with Chinese heritage; i have had less-than-wonderful results from the two receiver cover scope mounts i have tried. I tried the kind with the rail platform made into the receiver cover and the kind with the set screws & attached rings; neither seemed to stay tight enough for me.

    I have not used but have often seen recommended the "choate" mount which is attached to the receiver and a side rail, quick-release setup from kalinka. The side rail setup would require mounting a rail base onto the side of the receiver and can leave the scope fairly high above the receiver cover unless a "molot" mount that lowers the scope a bit is used. Welcome to Kalinka Optics Warehouse!

    Choate Choate Scope Mount SKS Steel Blue - MidwayUSA

    I have decided that i will try some peep sights next, before i get something permanently attached to my SKS.

    Good luck with it!
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