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    Ok well some may remember my BSA optics post a while back but since then I have been researching and diverting money towards what will become my tactical/hunting hybrid Remington 700 BDL 30-06.
    Now I want to list the scope and mounts/base and ask 2 things
    1. is if anyone has had experience in any of the items and if they would suggest another insted (same basic class)
    2. on the mounts, how can I know what height mounts to get and not be to height but to clear the iron sights, since I want to keep them as backup....

    Scope: Leupold VX-III 4.5-14x50mm with 1" tube
    Base: Leupold Mark 4 2PC Tactical Bases
    Mounts: Leupold Quick Release Weaver Style QRW Rings

    (All links go to optics planet)

    Thanks for any help you can give....
  2. hillbilly68

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    fin, recommend you consider a one piece base (eg Badger 20MOA) instead of the two piece. If the Badger rings are out of the budget, take a look at Burris XTR rings. No knowledge of the scope you are considering.
    good luck

  3. fin24000

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    Ok I will look in to those bases. Now I had wanted a 2pc for ease of cleaning mainly but if a 1pc makes a difference in stability (hence accuracy) then I will go with that. also any comments on quick release mounts rather then standard?
  4. Dillinger

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    A well built, one piece base with 20MOA, or so, built into it would definitely be my recommendation. Badger Ord makes a great one, as does TPS Products.

    Some scope manufacturers like IOR Valdada also sell a one piece unit with their scopes that have built in MOA.

    As for rings, I like the Badger Ord and TPS precision again. LaRue Tactical makes scope rings that have quick release on them, which leaves the rail on the weapon. I am not a big fan of quick release anything on my boltguns, but that is a personal choice.

    As for optics, Leupold is a great product and they have excellent customer service. Any of the serious big name makers ( IOR Valdada, S & B, Zeiss ) are probably producing a scope that is 10% or 20% better, but at 50% or more of the price.

    I would say fully 65% to 75% of all the boltguns that leave the shop as custom builds have Leupold on them when they leave by owner choice. We have plenty of other people who have guns built and want NightForce, or something crazy for a specific purpose, like Benchrest, but they aren't as common.

    Good luck with the purchase.

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    I have a couple of rifles with the same Leupold scopes you are considering and some other Leupold models on other rifles as well including a Mark IV on my 50BMG and I really like them. That is coming from a guy who also has several Swarovski scoped rifles and I think Swarovski optics are the best in the world mostly because of their light gathering capabilities. I have a spot out from my front door that quail always gather in the evening and I can see those quail far longer with Swarovski as it gets darker than any other scope I have tested including Lica and Steiner. Another scope you might take a look at is the Shepard. I have one and it is kind of cool for a tactical type rifle. What I don't like about it that even my Swarovski are devoid of and that is the very cool parallax adjustment knob like on the Leupold. Parallax is adjusted by turning the end of scope. What is really cool is the built in bullet drop reticles and its one shot sight-in quality. They are a nicely made in Japan scope that appear to have the same quality of Nikon and other Japanese optics. As for rings and mounts it varies from rifle to rifle but most of mine are two piece Leupold bases and Leupold rings. I own nothing in tip off/tip over mounts and rings so I have no experience to share.
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    tactical scope

    It's going to be hard to beat a mk4 leupold for the price range. Other good scopes would be a shepard or burris(with posi-lock)-excellent scopes for the dollar. Imo the best tactical scopes would be schmitt&bender and nightforce. I would by ALL means use a sturdy set of rings and 1 piece base like they advised you.
  7. fin24000

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    OK well thanks for all the reply and now I am just seeing what I can afford and will go from there, but I may go a lil cheaper and work more on my M4 project.... Thanks again for all the input :)
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