Scope for my Bushy M4A3

Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by Culpepper, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Need some Expert advice:D...I saw this today...4-16x50 IR Sniper Scope Green IR Mil-Dot by Barska, the mount would be...Burris AR-PEPR QD Scope Mount 30mm...this scope is probably overkill, but it was on sale for 99 bucks+free shipping...the mount is about the same price...the scope has to be at least 16" long, is that too long?.. and also will the mount be high enough for the recticle to clear my front sight?..Thanks!
  2. Sniper03

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    Culpepper. If you get the scope that high it is probably going to be more difficult to shoot and also less accurate due to your problems holding a good cheek weld. You would be what they call goose necking. If you mount it in a normal position you will only see a shadow of the front sight. To mount the scope I would first get a Rock River Arms Scout Rail. This will allow you to have complete eye relief adjustment to the front with the scope that is needed when mounting a scope that size. I have several mounted on my ARs. Also you might want to think about an armorer taking off your front sight and installing a Weaver Type Gas Block or fold down Gas Block-Flip up front sight.