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  1. Swarovski

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  2. Ziess

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  3. Leupold

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  4. Night Force

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  1. laynejc

    laynejc New Member

    This is for the long range shooters, which scope brand do you have, or would you get? If it is not listed above add it ina post.
  2. M14sRock

    M14sRock Active Member

    I have used all of your choices and they are excellent.

    Other great scopes that I currently own/use are IOR/Valdada, Schmidt & Bender, MeoPta and Kahles.

    The new Heritage Premier scopes are supposed to be close to flawless, too. And the Pride Fowler scopes passed recent US Army trials with the highest marks. And they are sold by Smith Enterprise, so must be awesome. They are cheap, too. But I have not used either of these, so will reserve further comment.

    The IOR scopes use German Schott Glass, the best available, and are very well priced. Durability is amazing.

    S&B is the current daytime USMC scope. All I can say is "WOW!". I like the current S&B's better than the ones from the 80's/90's. King of the hill, if you can spend the dough.

    MeoPta glass is typical of Euro glass-flawless. I had an issue with their Customer Service dept after my acct rep left the Company, so I don't buy them anymore. I currently have several mounted on hunting rifles and am very happy with them.

    Kahles. Very underrated in this country. Limited availability, but world class in every way. I have a WW2 bring back K98 Sniper with a Kahles scope on it. Clear as a bell, even after going to hell and back. The new ones are WAY better than the WW2 vintage. They have a 6X42Sniper that is close to perfect.

    And NightForce has one of their scopes that they show off at trade shows, etc. It took a 7.62 round clean through the erector tube in Iraq. Not only was it unfazed by this, but the scope still tracks like new. Obviously not waterproof anymore (with 2 .30 cal holes in the tube!), but still good to go. Pretty amazing.

    When choosing a rifle scope there are so many variables to consider. Each eye is different, so one scope may be great for shooter "A", but shooter "B" may find another to be better. I suggest you try them all, and choose the one you like that fits your budget.

    And just because it is the right scope for me, doesn't mean it is good for you. Don't get sucked into the "higher power is better for long range" myth, either. Unless you are shooting a VERY long range rifle, you will do fine with something in the 10 or 12 power range. At least to about 1,000 yards or so. I'll take a high quality 6X42 over a good quality 3-18 any day.

    Invest in a really good spotting scope, too, if you want to shoot beyond 800-1,000. Swaro, Leitz, Optolyth, Zeiss, Leica, etc. The Optolyth is probably the best available currently.


    BILLYBOB44 Active Member

    Long Range Scope

    I KNOW this will cause all kinds of Dumb-A** comments toward me, BUT==== I have several Tasco scopes, that have given very good service. Inc. a 40X Target model on my 700 Varmit Special, that has taken many groundhogs around here, and is known to drill Pennys in the center at 100yds+ when just messing around. :eek: OK jump on me now you HI $ scope owners !!:eek:
  4. matrxx

    matrxx New Member

  5. hunter Joe

    hunter Joe New Member

    I had to pick the Leopold, the other ones are out of my price range.
  6. SlamFire

    SlamFire New Member

    We're talking about "drilling pennies" at 500 to 100 metres. Look at my avatar: That's a FIVE shot group, .223 Ackley at 100 yds, one inch circle. It's "stringing" because the wind was blowing -- from the right at about 3 mph.

    I have four Leupolds. But then it's a local product. Just bought a Mark 4, 6.5 - 20x 50mm for a Rem. 700 P in 308 Win.
  7. cpttango30

    cpttango30 New Member

    The old jap tascos were much better scopes than people really want to believe. This name has been tainted by the company's products in the last 20 or so years. They move manufacture to China and quality is crap.

    You go to an F-class match and you will see two maybe three brands of scopes on the line.

    US Optics

    If you are lucky you will see a few Bushnell elite 4200 8-32x40mm
  8. Bolosniper

    Bolosniper Guest

    I currently own 2 NightForce scopes, both are 12-42x56mm (30mm body diameter), and 1 is an NXS and the other is a Benchrest. I also own 4 IOR Valdada scopes, 3-18x42mm (35mm body diameter), 4-28x56mm MX7 (40mm body diameter), 6-24x50mm (35mm body diameter), and a 9-36x56mm (35mm body diameter). All are the Tactical models with the MP8 illuminated reticle.

    The quality of the optical glass, and the durability of the scope are of utmost importance to me. If I can't see the target with clarity and enough magnification, then how can I effectively engage it? A scope must also be able to take a beating if it is to be used in the field. I put an IOR Valdada Tactical scope on one of our Spartan sniper rifles going to Afghanistan and the operator was sitting in the door of a Blackhawk on the way to an insertion and fumble fingered the scope out the door while the chopper was in flight. The scope was recovered and found to still hold zero and was fully operational for 14 more months of service before coming back to CONUS.

    This is the IOR Valdada 4-28x56mm MX7 on a Spartan MK1 Sniper Rifle in 7.62x51mm NATO Match.

  9. mrm14

    mrm14 Well-Known Member

    I would go with either Leupold or Night Force scopes for long range shooting. Both brands offer excellent performance for long range target shooting and are extremely durable. I see many long range shooters using both with Night Force probably a bit more prevelant. Night Force costs more but to have a Leupold custom made will run about the same. Night Force offers higher magnifications and larger objectives, larger objectives good, but I question at times having such high magnification even for long range shooting. I use a 6.5-20 X 50mm L/RT factory modified (custom) Leupold for 1000 yards with a +20 moa picitiney base, and it works good for me. However, I have been looking at a Night Force scope for another rifle were building with similar specs to the Leupold I have. Swarovski makes a good scope but they are better suited for hunting than for long range target/tacticle. If your going to compete you cant go cheap on your glass.
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  10. dunerunner

    dunerunner New Member

    Burris makes a nice scope, price runs about what you would pay for a good rifle!! Burris Optics
  11. ba_50

    ba_50 Member

    Unertl's and Super Sniper. I'd like a Nightforce if I won the lottery. S&B too.
  12. cpttango30

    cpttango30 New Member

    while unertl's are good scopes and were top of the line in their day. compared to todays top of the line scopes the unertl's lag behind way behind.

    Super snipers are JUNK. I have seen a few of them didn't like them one bit. looks fake and the ones I shot didn't hold POI. I would put a BSA on my rifle before I put a Super Sniper on it.