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Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by RonAz, Dec 15, 2012.

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    I just bought a Browning BLR in .308 win. While it has great iron sights my eyes tell me I need to put a scope on it. Since it will be nearly impossible to put a scope base that allows the use of the iron sights, I am thinking a low power scope. I kind of like the Leupold VX-Hot. It is a 1 - 4 power. This will be the first time I have put a scope on a high power hunting rifle. Anybody have any opinions or suggestions? I always assumed I would want a 3 - 9, but I'm not so sure anymore. Oh, I will be hunting in both woodlands and open land. Certainly no shots over 300 yards and probably less than that.
  2. Axxe55

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    up to 300 yards, maybe a scope in the 2-7 power range might be better. low level magnification at close range and a little higher for the longer distances.

  3. locutus

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    A 2-7, or a 1.5-6 would be perfect.:)
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    I had a BLR in .308. I found the Sightron SI series 3x9 very good over all. I had see through rings, so really close shots were not an issue. Mine was a steel receiver Model '81. They have quite a bit of felt recoil.
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    "I kind of like the Leupold VX-Hot. It is a 1 - 4 power."
    Good choice. the choices listed above are OK also.
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    I have a BLR 308 with steel receiver---great, handy hunting rifle that can take the same ammo as my FAL. I use Warne QD lever-locking rings with an older Leupold 1.5-5x scope---very good match in size and power for this rifle. You can remove the scope in seconds to have access to the iron sights in case the scope got damaged. A near perfect set-up.
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    I have fixed 4x scopes on my rifles. You will find that fixed power scopes give you more bang for your buck. Even a cheap Simmons fixed power scope has better eye relief and a wider field of view than a lot of pricey scopes that are variable power. The things the OP is doing he can likely do with iron sights. The biggest thing that converted me to scopes is old age. In low light I just can't find the front sight. A fixed power scope solved that issue.
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    Count me in for a fixed 4x. I've had a Leupold 4x on my .308 BLR since 1974 and have never felt a need for anything more. It has been good enough for everything from 50 feet to almost 300 yards. What more can you ask for? Heck, I still use peep sights on a couple that have taken game at nearly 250 yards.
  9. JTJ

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    I am looking at the same situation. Picked it up yesterday at the gun show. I have a good 3x9x40 and may go with that for now but I am considering a fixed 2.5x and a 1-4x24. The 2.5X would be the lightest and least expensive option.
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    Update: I have found several scopes in the 2-7X33 and the Redfield with BDC is looking pretty nice at $180. Possible $30 rebate if bought by 12-31-12. Free shipping from Optics Planet. Weight is 11 oz. Weaver bases wont interfere with the irons and quick detach rings would ease removal if necessary. American made by Leupold. Package would bring the rifle to 7.5 lbs.
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    I just got a good deal on on a Swarovski 3-9x36 for my BLR 7mm-08. I would save up to buy the best quality scope you can afford. Bushnell elite series is a nice scope for under $200.