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    I had a 3X9 Leupold VX-1 on my PTR, i give the Leupold to my son. I want to scope it out again for range work 100, 200,& 300yrds. It being 308cal it has major recoil. I would like to spend NO MORE then $400 on a scope. I also would like to get higher magnification then 3X9, maybe 4X12 this time. I will use it for range work only. My concerns are holding a zero with strong recoil, and long eye relief so i don't get a black eye. I would either go with a Mil-dot or Wide Duplex reticle. What do you suggest i look at? I could get the Leupold VX-1 in 4X12 in my price range, but i would like to up grade to the VX-2. Again my max price is $400. I know with glass you get what you pay for, but i an 60yrs old with bad eyes. I want to buy NIB, not used. Help me please point me in the right direction of what i should concider
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    I saw this week that Midway USA had the Nikon Buckmaster 6X18 Scope on Sale for $259. from $399 regular price! Might just be exactly what you need. Nikon scopes are fine scopes and of excellent quality and glass!


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    I am curious about a few factors. The PRT 91, Cetme, G3 are actually pretty light recoiling. I prefered the Stanlag mount and Hendsolt 4x24 scope w/ all the good goodies. There was zero thought for the shooter. It makes a perfect counter sniper at 400+ yards, or suppression rig at 800 yards. Do it right and spend the $$. You will never loose $$ on the scope/mount. BTW, none of the above rifles are made in .308, they are 7.62x51. The Scope is cammed for the round and rifle.
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