Scope For A Marlin Model 60

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    ..been wanting a model 60 for just about forever. ..found 1 the other day with a laminated stock I fell for so picked it up. I'll shoot this one off-hand, prone, kneeling, sitting, standing, with a web military sling, off a bi-pod & sandbags & maybe 1 day either build a tripod or get something like a Sinclair. Maybe! ..never having shot a .22 with glass--only an ol' Marlin vintage 1957 ba with peep-sight--this is gonna be a big thrill 4 this ol' bird. ..looking frwrd to it! ..also have a Savage Mark II that came with a Bushnell 3-9 x40 on a bi-pod that might do better @ longer distances. Maybe. But I need to start studying glass 4 the 60. ..was figuring a BDC scope something like a Nikon, but maybe not. Whatta u guys think would be a decent scope that wouldn't break the bank? Thx.
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    It is a 22lr. Keep it simple and fun. How about a fixed power? It's not like you will drop rounds from 300 yards and take down a moose. If you want to get serious but the Leupold 3-9 x 33 with AO? Small and will fit that rifle well. Nikons are big and heavy. For a 22 something small and light will handle better.

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    MrBot, you can put some decent glass on there- but we need to talk.

    You have a limitation- the .22 LR cartridge. It is really meant to be a 50 yard cartridge. 100 yards if you are really lucky, and the winds and rimfire gods find favor with you. 200 yards? After sacrificing unicorns under a full moon- maybe. Bullet just runs out of steam.

    Scope QUALITY does not mean magnification- it means lack of distortion, color, and how much light gets transmitted through the lenses. For $100 I can find a Chinese scope that will let me look at the rings on Saturn- but needs a spotlight to see my bullseye at 50 yards- except right in the middle of the image.

    If you look over in the VENDOR section (plug for the folks that help keep lights on here) you will find some nice folks that sell glass. Take a look thru their wares and see what you like. All other things being equal, fixed power gives better image quality and brightness.

    And you get what you pay for.