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    So--I bought this savage .22 rascal rifle for my 10yo daughter for her 4-H project this year. I found the peep sight to be junk and it would loosen after every 5-6 shots or so. Anyway--it was recommended by the shooting instructors that we just put a cheap scope on it. I had a couple of old 4x scopes laying around so I mounted them to the rifle with no problems. Both scopes are just normal scopes--not .22 scopes. However, my daughter has to hold her head about 1/4" off the stock in order to see through the sight accurately. I know the eye relief is about 5" for both scopes.

    So my questions is: is her not being able to see through the scope an eye relief problem or is it due to the height of the scope rings. I have seen some low profile ones around--do you think that would help?? Would an actual .22 scope help fix the problem--I have found a couple with 3" eye relief. Anyway--I have never encountered this problem and even with research I could not find the answer. Thanks in advance for your help and have a good day.
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    NO, NO, NO .not yet . Kids need to learn to shoot with open sights . Get some locktite or something to keep that peep in place .
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    IMO, any instructor teaching the fundamentals of shooting to a beginner should be telling them to learn open sights first. scope usage later after learning the fundamentals of shooting.

    personally, i'd be looking for a new instructor.
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    It is right that scope usage should be learn after learning all aspects of firearm. Good instructors cover material in a thorough, step-by-step manner. Students should begin with the basics and build upon the lessons learned as they progress into more advanced lessons.