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    I recently purchased a Henry lever .22 Magnum. I've been shooting it with the irons, but I want a quality scope for it. I've been searching around and reading threads for a while, but decided to make my own.
    I'm looking for a variable zoom either 3-9 or 4-16 with an objective lens around 40-50mm, but 32mm is acceptable too. I'm goin to be target shooting between 50-100 yards. Like I said, I don't want a POS, but I also don't want to break the bank. 200 dollars is my absolute limit, but 150 is more realistic.
    I found two I'm pretty interested in, but I don't have much (any) experience with riflescopes other than my 20 dollar Wal Mart Powerline 3-9x. Here they are -
    the Bushnell Legend 3-9x50 or the BARSKA Excavator 4-16x50.
    So are these quality scopes? If they aren't, do any of yall have any suggestions?
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    Take a look at the Nikon Pro-Staff. It's an excellent scope. I have one on my 10/22. It's 3-9x40 and the price is right. :cool:

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    The Bushnell and then Nikon both will do you right.

    Try looking at Great customer service and Free shipping on most everything. I just got a scope for my deer rifle from them it was shipped fast and packed really well... I was on a tighter budget for that one than you are. I spent a whopping $54 on that scope and it is churning out .75" 5 shot 100 yard groups on a 65 year old 30-06.
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    What brand did you get, Tango?