scope advice for my new RRA AR-15

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    Bourht my first AR-15 (Rock River LAR-15) I am looking for advice for a good all around scope. A friend recommended this Ncstar (Link below from optics planet).

    I also would like to know if this scope or one you guys would recommend will line up pretty close to the factory sights without and major modifications, so I can still learn to shoot with the sights when the scope removed.

    Thanks for your help
    New at AR-15's target scope
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    Link isn't direct.
    I have an NCStar scope on my AK, It seems to work fairly well, My only real complaint is that the lens' aren't crystal clear, But your mileage may vary.

    I should say for a scope under $100.00 its not bad at all considering how expensive they can run.
    Best of luck, I wish I had more info.

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    With the NCStar products you get what you pay for, basically a cheap scope. I bought one for my M&P15-22 but for a centerfire AR I would want something more substantial and better quality. Nikon and Leupold both market scope specifically for ARs now and they are good quality.
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    Dick's Sporting Goods has a Nikon Proftaff 3-9x40 on sale this week for $100. I just picked one up this afternoon and must say I'm pleased with initial inspection. Haven't decided on rings yet so of course all I can do now is use it as a telescope... :p

    Of course you may be talking about an RDS... In that case I can recommend the Bushnell TRS-25.
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