scholefield 14ga sxs muzleloader

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    i have a scholefield sxs percussion shotgun that i'm trying to figure out when it was made. i'm figuring mid 1800's because it's marked scholefield and not scholefield goodman and co as it changed names around 1840. here are a pic of the gun and its proofmarks
    it's marked 14 twice on each barrel and a scroll bp with crown over it and crossed swords?(or arrows) with crown and v under it and other is same with bph i think? any help would be appreciated.


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    Well-its English- or at least visited there- those are Birmingham proof marks you describe. Possible that the name was not the maker, but a gun merchant- that name per se does not come up in the maker database.

    Only other thing is the percussion system- came into use about 1830, was replaced by shotshell in the late 1860s- 1870s.