Scenario: Mugging

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    Imagine that you are in an industrial area at 2 am with no one around and your walking back to your car after finishing some business in the city. A mugger jumps out when you are getting to your car, puts a gun to your side that feels real and then asks you for money and keys. You have a gun under your jacket in a holster. What would you do in this situation?
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    Jumps out of where? My car? I have a remote on my key and I engage it about 15 feet from the car at which time the interior lights come on. He will not be able to get to me before I can present my weapon. At two in the morning, I never approach my car from just one angle, but rather meander so that I can see at least three sides before I unlock it. Also, at 2AM, I am probably going to have my hand on my weapon from the time I leave my building anyway.

    I think for most people who are aware of their surroundings, especially in isolated places, this is not a realistic scenario. OTOH, for rich, white, liberals it may be a realistic scenario, which if I was one, I would fall to my knees and shout, "Oh, please don't kill me! Take my wallet! I'll even write you a check! Just don't hurt me!"

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    well for one, i am always aware of my environment so i would agree, jumps out from where? have we parked in a forest beside a hedgerow? i always keep an eye out and listen for noises and look over my shoulder, not to, when you are carrying is quite possibly the most foolish thing anyone can do, you have to be aware, and being oblivious is just as reckless and handing the loaded weapon to a child. i often approach from the opposite direction so i can get a clear line of sight of my vehicle and make sure that there is no one beneath it or around it. in fact at 2 AM, i switch to open carry and would walk with my hand on my weapon if i was uncomfortable. if somehow someone got the drop on me from behind, i would rather die then submit, and i would feel the position of the weapon and begin to talk to raise the attackers confidence while stepping back to close range with him so that he is a bit off balance, and then i would utilize the step and turn, turning to the outside as i stepped backwards, by swinging to the outside it allows you to redirect the position of the weapon so that if it fires, it does stray, at that point the main objective would be to control his weapon, and seizing the wrist immediately would suffice, while my left hand draws my TDI Ka-Bar from my left hip. at that point and at that close of a distance, i wouldnt even hesitate or worry about the spray of blood, and plant the device deliberately into the attackers neck and twist, if his hold of the weapon does not loosen, the second stab would be to the armpit of the gun hand, then to the back of the bicep then to the abdomen. but i would be willing to bet that the open wound to the neck would be deterent enough to force the attacker to drop the weapon or at least release his hold of it. as soon as i could i would switch to my own weapon which i know is loaded. i would have to place a call for aid, though every bone in my body would urge me to simply leave and go home and allow for true justice to take its course.
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    Well, the first thing is not to make any sudden moves. It's hard to do anything if the gun is in you side. And follow their instructions and pray you don't get killed. Second, I am trained to disarm a person where ever the gun is. But timing is important…. The risk of being shot or even kill is extremely high if you try. This is the last resort at by all means!

    You have to practice and drill scenarios to help with situations like this. This will up your chances if something does occur. BUT does not mean the outcome will be like you drill. This is only to help you survive any given scenario and help you make right decisions. But we all act differently under stress.

    It’s like watching a football game and yelling at the TV. Run the other way!, Stop! Go right! And saying, “ If that was me, I would’ve done it this way, or they should’ve done it this way.”

    Each person is going to react differently…. Each situation is going to be different. So well need to train, and drill over and over. This is going to help you if something does occur. But remember, anything you do, or do wrong, can cost you something you can’t replace.
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    Literally falling over laughing. :D
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    To be honest and not trying to sound like a badass, but besides my p226 equinox i carry, i usually have my benchmade switch inside my shirt buttons. With the training i have had i wouldve drawn my knife carefully not to end up getting shot and as i hand him my wallet and stuff, drop it and when his eyes leave my hand the blade will e deployed in all the ways i know best. i was actually in a similar situation like this, except the perp was someone i thought i trusted......:confused:
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    Here's the training video for your scenario!!

    [ame=]YouTube - William Shatner Demonstrates Proper Gun Control[/ame]

    IGETEVEN New Member

    ROTFL, that's great and Denny Crane, appropriate response in that situation and the defensive moves can be modified to fit the OP's presented scenario.

    Spartan and HK911 are very close. Falphil is correct it is very important that one needs to be aware of his / her surroundings, at all times, and have at least one quickly recognized escape route.

    Once control of the attacker's weapon is achieved, and he is off balance, than the knife may follow next with any soft tissue areas slashed and jabbed. that includes the face, neck, shoulder, wrist and groin. Punches can be replaced by forearm and hands to areas mentioned, as well. Good job.

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    I guess it would depend on the whole feel of the situation. The vibe I got from the perp would probably lead my actions. If I read that he has very little or no intention on firing whether I cough up the dough or not, I'd probably try to disarm him, distance myself and then drop a bead. If he left, I'd probably let him go and thank the heavens that I was alive to watch him run off. If he got up and came at me a second time or reached for his weapon, I'd fire.

    If I felt he was serious in his willingness to kill or harm me, I'd hand over the goods and wait for him to turn away, then I'd probably drop him and call the police.

    Again, this is all speculation as what you plan and what you actually do can be very different when the time arrives.
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    Actually this is EXACTLY what we are required to do in my country lol. In the case of material possessions, the only sensible course of action is to give them up.

    But it's if the guy says "get in my car/van" etc that you must try and disarm him, lest you be taken to the secondary crime scene...which almost never turns out well.

    With nothing but your hands, though :p
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    I would just give him what he needs. Life is precious more than anything. Just thinking about my family, I prefer saving my life over keeping non-trivial things I might be carrying on that given situation.
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    ^^I should have done that a couple of years go when I got mugged.

    Was walking to the local shops, and unwisely had my wallet in my hand, just about to put it in my back pocket. This aboriginal guy walked past me; he musta seen the wallet & doubled back. He grabbed it from behind, and like the untrained idiot I was I hung onto it (had my last 15 bucks in it, the bastard!). We grappled and he was a big bugger so inertia took over and I got thrown headfirst onto the footpath, cracked my head open etc

    That was the instigator for me taking up krav maga...and I never have my wallet in my hand in the street anymore. Nor will I hang onto simple posessions in future!
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    First you draw up some tears, you beg him to let you live. Turn and give him some sad puppy dog eyes. By now he should be pretty aggraveted that your more scared then cooperative. This is when you tell him the wallet is on the side where he has the gun held. If your lucky he'll switch the gun to the other hand, and you have a chance to knock it out of his hand with a simple slap then you can show him yours. If your not lucky he'll use the other hand to get the wallet, so you can grab down on the gun and point it away from, and you kick him in the nuts. If all else fails....tell him you know Chuck Norris.
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    Now, your not trying to mug anyone are you? ;)
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    It's pretty simple if you are caught cold like that, hand over the keys and you wallet. The car is insured and there isn't nothing in the wallet worth you life. If your not proceived as a threat there is little reason do something stupid. I carry all of the time but I wouldn't get into a gun fight over my car and wallet. If I thought that this was a situation that I wasn't going to survive no matter what I did I would fight but if I was just being held up I'd be happy to walk away alive. I can replace that stuff stolen. Would I like to go terminator on the thug, hell yes but I like living so if I can walk away I will. It's not like in the movies where you make a swift move and get the drop on the bad guy. Pick only the fights you know you can win and if your in a place where the result seems to be death then you fight with every option you have.