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    I am in the process of registering a SBR and have ran into two questions. The first is under Type of Firearm to be made, do I put SBR or do I place the unabreviated in the box? The second is Under Length of Barrel and Overall, do I place the length of what it is now or what? Thanks:confused:
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    Type of firearm would be Short barreled Rifle

    by definition..the barrel length must be under 16 inches and they want both a barrel length and overall length.

    NFA currently wont let you register a SBR receiver...they require it be registered complete = bbl length and OAL

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    The easyest way to know the length of a SBR when you doing the papper work is mesure your current gun that has a 16 or 20 inch barrel take off the differance between the current barrel and what the new gun is

    i.e. 16 in AR15 is 30 1/2 inch with the stock extened if you want a 10 in barrel you just subtract the differance 36 1/2in -6 inchs = 30 1/2 over All Length

    To measure the true length of your barrel use a thin wood dowl and with the bolt closed stick down the barrel and mark it at the end of the barrel, if you have a non permeninatly attached flash hider you must remove it to get an accurate measure ment. That is how BATF would measure it.